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The "Antifa" (short for "Anti-fascist action") is a mob of far-leftists that seek to cause mayhem in the streets of America and Europe. Despite its name, the Antifa movement is itself a fascist and intolerant hate group, even using in its speeches direct quotations from Adolf Hitler.


In the United States, they rose up at the University of California, Berkeley in response to Democrats losing the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. They claim that those individuals that support President Donald Trump and other conservatives are "Nazis". In Europe, they claim that supporters of right-wing, anti-establishment figures such as Marine Le Pen in France[1][2][3] or the Alternative for Germany[4] are "fascists" and "Nazis."

They dress in all black, wear black masks to hide their identities and attempt to disrupt rallies that are held in support of Trump. They use pepper spray on unsuspecting people, throw rocks, bricks, bottles and punches, M-80s, march with flags and clubs and commit vandalism and other criminal acts. They are militant, far-Left extremists that are a product of far-Left ideology, education, and funding.

Support from "mainstream" liberals

Many in the leftist mainstream media applaud the Antifa's stance as they align with their #Resist agenda.[5][6] Facebook permits them to have a page to rally support. Political figures in the U.S. Democrat Party and liberal European parties refuse to condemn their actions. There has been no condemnation of this group or its actions from California Governor Jerry Brown. Berkeley, California mayor Jesse Arreguín (who has ties to far-Left anarchist group By Any Means Necessary[7]) has illegally ordered the city's police department to stand down while Antifa violence unfolds, which has caused a rift between the Berkeley Police and Arreguín.[7] While Antifa tries to proclaim they fight against who they claim are "fascists" (erroneously lumping in the Alt-right and conservatives with legitimate fascists like Nazis and white supremacists), Antifa is, in fact, fascist and Nazi-like themselves in every aspect, being the very thing they claim to fight against. A quote, falsely attributed to Winston Churchill, is still correct in summing up this group of thugs, "When fascism comes to America it will be called anti-fascism."[8]
Widely viewed picture showing Antifa supporter nicknamed "Moldylocks" getting punched in the face.

Antifascist Action focuses on promotional, informative and practical ways of struggle against all authoritarian ideologies and groups promoting any kind of oppression, particularly against Neo-Nazism and right wing radicals.

"Antifa" violence and criminal behavior

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Like the Occupy Wall Street movement prior, Antifa is establishing branches in cities across the country. By their actions, people are demanding the group be labelled a domestic terrorist organization by the government.
Picture showing Trump supporter nicknamed Based Stickman giving a wedgie to an Antifa protester.
After previous Trump rallies were assaulted, right-wingers came prepared at the next rally and thoroughly embarrassed Antifa, pushing back hard. Assaults were widely viewed on social media. Antifa radicals tried to garner sympathy by establishing a account. With politicians and the liberal media largely ignoring the violence, it is only a matter of time before somebody dies as a result of all the hate, anger and criminal behavior being displayed by Antifa.[9]

In June 2017, an Antifa website encouraged physical violence against Trump supporters, capitalists and others who hold conservative-leaning views.[10]

The New Jersey State Office of Homeland Security has designated Antifa a domestic terrorist group. [11]

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