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Atheist bullying is a problem in many public schools, where student populations are becoming increasingly atheist or non-religious and are less likely to keep their lack of faith out of school discourse. Atheist students are commonly engaging in persecution of Christian students, encouraged by the out-spoken nature of the growing number of adherents of New Atheism, such as Richard Dawkins.

In serious cases, atheist bullying has lead to Christian students being pulled out of public schools to undergo home-schooling or private tuition, as their academic life has become intolerable.

Many school shootings are thought to be related to atheist bullying. The most infamous, the Columbine shooting, was partly perpetrated by an atheist.

However, it can go the other way around. Some Christian athletes, who feel they are above everyone else, may bully less-popular, atheist nerds who are less athletic (see: Sports performance: Religious faith vs. atheism). At the same time, there is nothing in Christian teaching which condones bullying or pride. Jesus taught to treat others like you wish to be treated and to have humility. And there are many Christian athletes who are known for their charitable acts. Godless/atheistic morality, such as Social Darwinism, has lead to tens of millions of people being harmed/exploited (see: Atheism and morality and Atheism and mass murder and Social effects of the theory of evolution and Atheism and uncharitableness and Atheism and forced labor).


Internet atheist bullying and profanity

Internet atheists and internet bullies are known for their use of profanity. See: Atheism and profanity.

Christians/Creationists countering YouTube cyberbullying

Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) is one of the world's largest evangelism organizations within Christendom and has over 25,000 full time missionaries. In 2006, Alan Beeber of CCCI predicted that internet evangelism will result in more conversion that all other forms of evangelism for CCCI combined.[1] There is a widespread problem with atheist cyberbullying on YouTube toward Christian and creationist YouTube channels. CreationWiki has developed a web page entitled Creationist YouTube video designed to show creationists how to thwart atheist/evolutionist cyberbullies. Also, one popular Christian YouTube channel, Shockofgod, was shut down several times by atheist cyberbullying through false reports, but he developed counter measures to overcome this problem. [2] These false reports are not isolated incidents, many atheists will try this deceitful tactic to block out creation science.

Recommended books

Atheism and History:

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