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Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins

The Atkins Diet is a controversial theory that overweight persons can best lose weight by reducing their intake of carbohydrates. While the diet encourages the replacement of carbohydrates with protein, it also allows the replacement of carbohydrates with fat, contrary to most traditional views of good diet.

Followers of the Atkins Diet fill up on fatty foods so that they are not hungry for the carbohydrates. In theory, they then lose weight by burning off the fat calories. Some diabetics think this diet helps them.

Cardiologist Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins was the creator if this approach, and his "Dr Atkins' Diet Revolution" was first published in 1972, and then reissued 20 years later as Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution. It was the bestselling diet book in history with sales of 12 million copies. It is not clear if the record sales were due to the success of the diet or the popularity of message regardless of its effectiveness. Dr. Atkins himself found a center for complementary medicine.

Although it was reported that Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack, in fact he died from complications following a head injury after a fall on April 17, 2003.[1]

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