Battle of Kadesh

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The Battle of Kadesh in 1294 B.C. was fought between the Egyptians and the Hittites.

The leader of the Egyptian forces, Pharoah Ramses II, led an army composed primarily of Numidian mercenaries against the Hittite stronghold of Kadesh. In his haste to capture the stronghold before the main Hittite army could arrive to do battle, Ramses and his advanced guard were cut off and surrounded by a surprise Hittite attack, but were able to hold out until Egyptian reinforcements arrived and repulsed the Hitties. Nevertheless, Ramses was unable to capture the stronghold and eventually made peace.

Ramses' superior leadership was offset by the superiority of the new iron weapons employed by the Hittites, while his mercenaries were still using the standard bronze.


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