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There have been many superb conservative films:

Narrative features

Film Year Rating Comments Gross (Domestic)
The 6th Day 2009 PG-13 Pro-Life, Anti-cloning movie featuring California Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. $34,543,701
17 Again 2009 PG-13 Main lesson is that choosing family and life over death and possible material riches is much more rewarding and fulfilling even if at times we don’t recognize it. Stands up for abstinence, and self-respect, and contains a strong speech for both of them, such as "Because there is no one that I'm in love with. Its called making love, isn't it? Maybe I'm old fashion, but I think that means you do it with someone you love. And preferably when your married, when your ready to take that love and turn it into a baby." $64,167,069
1984 1984 R Big-screen adaptation of the iconic conservative text from George Orwell. $8,430,492
300 2007 R The plot revolves around King Leonidas, who leads 300 Spartans into battle against the Persian "god-King" Xerxes and his invading army of more than 300,000 soldiers. It is pro-war and pro-Western civilization. $456.1 million
A Charlie Brown Christmas 1965 G The real meaning of Christmas is discussed, as Linus quotes Luke 2:8-14. Decries the materialism that surrounds the Christmas holiday. NA - TV
A Christmas Story 1983 PG Heartwarming comedy about a kid who wants a BB Gun for Christmas. $19,294,144
A Gathering of Eagles 1963 UR Illustrates duty, honor, and the burden of command. Unknown
A Man For All Seasons 1966 UR In 16th Century England, statesman and philosopher Thomas More is forced to choose between his Catholic faith and his loyalty to the king. Winner of the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, and Best Costume Design in 1966. $20,000,000[1]
Adam's Rib 1949 Not rated Spencer Tracy hilariously exposes budding feminist Katharine Hepburn's hypocritical double standards in the legal system.
Air Force One 1997 R Positively portrays a strong U.S. president who takes an uncompromising stance against terrorism. Includes positive material about family, authority, the military and sacrifice. $172,956,409
Alone Yet Not Alone 2013 PG-13 Conservative movie that demonstrates the significance that Christianity has had in building this great country of ours. Liberals were shaken when it received an Oscar nomination, proving that there is still a strong, prevalent Conservative voice in Hollywood. Unknown
Amazing Grace 2006 PG Shows the horrors of the slave trade. Also makes clear that, contrary to academic claims, Christianity played the largest role in the abolition movement, and that most secular humanists either supported slavery or otherwise did not do a thing to stop it. $21,208,358
American Sniper 2015 R The biopic of Iraq War veteran, patriot and hero, Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. $304,000,000.
Animal Farm 1999 Not Rated Live-action film adaptation of the conservative text of the same name from George Orwell and of the 1945 original. NA - TV
Argo 2012 R A daring rescue of Americans trapped in Iran during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Also shows the incompetence of the Jimmy Carter administration in dealing with the hostage crisis. $136,025,503
Atlas Shrugged - Part 1 2011 PG-13 Big screen adaptation of the classic objectivist text. $4,563,873
Bee Movie 2007 PG Even a little bee can change the world. Shows the destructiveness of environmentalism (i.e. butting into nature's problems in the name of helping her), espouses the rewards of hard work. $287,594,577
Bella 2007 PG-13 Pro-life drama. $8,070,537
Ben-Hur 1959 UR Celebrates honor and duty to family and country, with a pro-Christian ending, long held the record for the most Academy Awards. $17,300,000
The Blues Brothers 1980 R Comedy musical. A story of redemption, "A mission from God", raising money to save a Catholic orphanage. R-rated movie for vulgar language, slap stick comedy. Vatican approved. [2] $57,229,890
Braveheart 1995 R One man fights to bring freedom to his people. $210.4 million
Brazil 1985 R Much like the conservative text 1984 it promotes the idea that big government is wrong for this world. $9,929,135
Bruce Almighty 2003 PG-13 Shows, in a comedic, accessible way, that no one mortal can successfully do God's job. (Written by Steve Koren & Mark O'Keefe, the same writers of Click.) $242,589,580
Captain America: The First Avenger 2011 PG-13 Contains messages of patriotism, perseverance and standing up to evil dictators. The film's protagonist Steve Rogers is also arguably the most conservative superhero of the Avengers universe. Last film produced by Marvel Studios before its takeover by liberal parent The Walt Disney Company. $176,654,505
Captain America: The Winter Soldier 2014 PG-13 Film about a hero who believes in the principles that the United States was founded on and is unwilling to see them be destroyed. The filmmakers based the villains of this film on the NSA and the Obama regime. $259,766,572
Chariots of Fire 1981 PG Stories of devout Scottish Christian Eric Liddell who wants to run for the glory of God and Jewish Harold Abrahams, struggling to overcome prejudice in 1924 Britain. That year's Olmypics Games was especially spiritual when Liddell refused the Prince of Wales' request that he perform his competition on a Sunday. $58,972,904
Cheaper by the Dozen 2003 PG Pro-family movie, as the father must sacrifice his dream for his family. $190,212,113
Chinatown 1974 R A thriller about the deceit surrounding water rights in southern California and L.A.'s water system, removing most of the water from the central valley. Sequel: The Two Jakes (1990) $30,000,000 (world wide estimate)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 1968 G Family fights against the villainous king and queen who have outlawed children, the film is also pro-family, pro-capitalism, and shows the qualities of practicality. $7.5 million
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 2005 PG Based upon the Christian allegory written by C.S. Lewis. $291,709,845
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian 2008 PG $141,621,490
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 2010 PG $104,383,624
City Slickers 1991 PG-13 Motivational feel good movie about a man who goes on vacation to Colorado with his friends to be cowboys in order to find his happiness. The main lesson is about having values and knowing what's really importance in life $179,033,791
Click 2006 PG-13 A man gets a remote control that can control his life and be able to skip many events in it, including many involving his family. He then learns that he should instead appreciate his life and his family to its fullest, and to not to be ungrateful with experiences that he thinks, out of selfishness, he doesn't always feel like living. (Written by Steve Koren & Mark O'Keefe, the same writers of Bruce Almighty.) $137,340,146
Coach Carter 2005 PG-13 Promotes the theme that graduating from high school and having proper moral values are more important than becoming famous athletes. $67,253,092
Cobra 1986 R Sylvester Stallone plays a tough police officer who is seemingly above the law, in order to control and stop crime. The liberals and the press are shown in a negative point for not supporting his enforcement. $357,067,947
Coma 1978 PG Villains are running an anti-life conspiracy at a hospital.
Contact 1997 PG The overall message is about how science and faith do not have to be in opposition to one another. $100,853,835
Courageous 2011 PG-13 Sherwood Pictures film focusing on the role of fathers and the need for them. $34,522,221
Cronos 1993 R In this Mexican film by Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy), an elderly antiques dealer has a chance at immortality—but at the cost of being a leech to others. Mostly in Spanish with large parts in English. $621,392
The Dark Knight 2008 PG-13 Christian allegory with a message of not giving in to terrorists. Also gives a condemnation of nihilism and anarchy via the Joker's actions. $533,316,061
The Dark Knight Rises 2012 PG-13 Movie that depicts Occupy Wall Street-esque protesters as terrorists and has a hero that does the right thing even when it is the harder thing to do. Also features a subtle condemnation of the French Revolution as the events of the story were in part derived from Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities. $441,053,078
Dark Matter 2007 R A candid look at professor values along with problems associated with lack of assimilation; liberals first praised the movie, but after realizing its conservative message, panned it. $30,041
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead 1991 PG-13 Five siblings are left alone for the summer, with no money after their elderly babysitter passes away. They realize the importance of hard work, as well the responsibilites of being an adult, and the negative effects of drugs. $25,196,249
Dumbo 1941 G Exploiting the classic liberal trap of over analyzing. Illustrates the effective management of a business that treats people and animals as equals. Also includes, jolly birds that encourage the main character, a baby elephant named Dumbo, to pull himself up by his bootstraps and learn to fly. $29,647,974
Escape from Hell 2000 UR Drama about a doctor and near-death experience. NA - DVD
Evelyn 2002 PG True story of Irish father's legal struggle to recover his kids from an orphanage. $1,483,975
The Exorcist 1973 R (not for children) - A portrayal of pure evil against a positive characterization of Christianity. It broke the record for movie revenue and had several sequels and imitators, e.g. The Omen in 1976 and The Omen's sequels.... $441,071,011
The Expendables 2010 R Action movie featuring such Conservative stars as Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. $103,068,524
The Expendables 2 2012 R Sequel to 2010's The Expendables starring returning Conservative action stars Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger as well as Chuck Norris. $85,028,192
Facing the Giants 2006 PG Trust in God, let Him take over, and good things will happen. $10,178,331
Faith of My Fathers 2005 PG-13 The true story of John McCain when he served valiantly in the Vietnam War.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1986 PG-13 Shows teenage fun without the use of drugs, alcohol or smoking, main character spends a lot of time with his girlfriend and possibly chooses abstinence. Hero also says, he is not socialist, and will never be socialist. Mocks public schools and liberal teaching. Conservative commentator and comedian Ben Stein appears in this movie as one of Ferris's teachers. $70,136,369
Fiddler on the Roof 1971 G A celebration of tradition, faith, and the importance of family, against a historical background of the persecution of Russian Jews. $50,000,000
Fireproof 2008 PG Highly successful pro-Christian, pro-marriage film created by Sherwood Pictures. $33,451,479
Flash of Genius 2008 PG-13 The intellectual property of a hard-working, solitary inventor is promoted, and his children stuck by his side through enormous difficulties. $3,744,790
Flight 93 2006 PG-13 Shows the bravery of the passengers on Flight 93, which was hijacked on September 11th, 2001, and crashed into a Pennsylvania field. The passengers fought back against the Islamic hijackers. NA - TV
For Greater Glory 2012 R The Catholic Cristeros Army fights back for religious freedom against a suppressive, leftist government. Based on the Cristeros War of the 1920s. $5,608,651
Forbidden Planet 1956 UR $3,000,000
The Forgotten 2004 PG-13 A mystery film with a great Pro-life message.[3] $67,133,509
The Fountainhead 1949 UR Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal starring in Ayn Rand's classic story of the right of the individual to produce on their own terms. Unknown
Gattaca 1997 PG-13 A condemnation of human genetic engineering, and a wonderful triumph of individualism in an extremely totalitarian regime. Unfortunately the movie ends with a materialistic message: "They say every atom in our bodies was once a part of a star. So, maybe I'm not leaving, maybe I'm going home" (A phrase said when the protagonist finally managed to go to space). $12,339,633
Ghostbusters 1984 PG Fitting satire of an unfair (and likely liberal) professor, senseless academic research, paganism, and a villainous EPA regulator. Sample line by one of the stars (Dan Aykroyd) when asked to shift from the public to the private sector: "I don’t know about that. I’ve worked in the private sector. They expect results!" Followed by a sequel, Ghostbusters 2 in 1989. $238,632,124
Gladiator 2000 R The tale of an enslaved former Roman general, Maximus (played by Russell Crowe), who becomes a gladiator and brings down a corrupt Emperor, features some of the most exciting action sequences ever filmed, backed by Hanns Zimmer’s soaring soundtrack. In essence this is a movie about confronting evil and destroying it. There is not an ounce of appeasement or the whiff of "engagement" in Maximus’s blood, only the desire to avenge the murder of his family and see justice carried out. It is the sort of uncompromising movie experience guaranteed to send pacifists and lily-livered liberals running for the exits. $457.6 million
God's Not Dead 2014 PG Christian film about a brave young man who stands up to his atheist bully of a professor and demonstrates the strength and wholesomeness of Christianity while exposing the folly of professor values. Furthermore, it illustrates atheists as people who acknowledge the existence of God, but deny Him out of self-hatred and spite. Features Conservative celebrity cameos such as Willie and Korie Robertson (of Duck Dynasty fame) and the Christian Rock Band, the Newsboys. Real-life conservative and Christian Kevin Sorbo portrays the atheist professor in this movie. Liberals were shocked when it stood strong in the box office, being in the top 5 in its opening weekend. $60,755,732
Gone With the Wind 1939 UR Celebrates a strongly feminine heroine who is the antithesis of a modern feminist, and held the record for top-grossing movie for decades. $198,676,459
The Goonies 1985 PG-13 The adventures of teenagers trying to find a long-lost treasure, before the criminals do. $61,389,680
Gran Torino 2008 R Gun-toting, Korean War veteran Walt Kowalski is upset that his neighborhood has lost its traditional American values and turned multicultural, overflowed with gangs and violence. He takes down a violent gang terrorizing the community, turns a boy into a man, and strengthens his Catholic faith. An excellent guy-cry movie. $270 million
The Greatest Story Ever Told 1965 UR Title says it all: The story of Jesus (played excellently by Max Von Sydow). $8,000,000 (U.S.), $20,000,0000 (worldwide)
The Green Berets 1968 G Vivid defense of our troops' conduct in the Vietnam War. $11,000,000
Groundhog Day 1993 PG Pro-Family, Pro-God, promotes Christianity and contains many conservative values $70,906,973
Harry's War 1981 PG Anti-IRS comedy. Unknown
Hero 1992 PG-13 Even those with character flaws can do good. $19,487,173
The Hiding Place 1975 PG Biopic World War II story of Corrie and Betsy (Elizabeth) ten Boom (Jeannette Clift, Julie Harris), who hid Jews in their Haarlem, Netherlands home's secret wall and were betrayed and imprisoned in Ravensbruck Women's concentration camp in Germany, until Betsy's death and Corrie's accidental release through what would years later be found to be a clerical mistake, as all the other women in Corrie's group of prisoners were gassed to death in January 1945. A true lesson of "no pit is so deep that God's love is not deeper still." Produced by Billy Graham Evangelical Association's, World Wide Pictures. unknown revenue
Hitler's Children 1943 UR/PG Sensational melodrama about the Hitler Youth of pre-WWII 1930s Nazi Germany, based on Gregor Ziemer's best selling Education for Death: The Making of A Nazi". $3,355,000
Home Run 2013 PG-13 Christian Sports Drama about a baseball player, who tries to overcome a serious drinking problem. $2,861,020
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids 1989 PG Loveable genius inventor Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) accidentally shrinks his children and some of his neighbors' while testing his laser shrinking ray, sending them off on an adventure in their own yard against what would be mundane situations and creatures to normal sized people. Spawned two sequels, the obviously opposite Honey, I Blew up The Kid (1992) and video-made Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves (1997) $130,724,2000
The Hurt Locker 2008 R A look into the life of an American bomb disposal regiment in Iraq risking their lives for their country and for the innocent by confronting evil. Rated R for violence and language. $ 12,647,089
I Am David 2003 PG Motivational movie to show the power of the individual, and the triumph of charity, faith, and hope as well as showing the dangerous of Communism. $292,376
I Confess 1953 UR In this classic by Alfred Hitchcock, a clergyman honors his sacred vow of confidentiality with respect to a confession despite intense pressure to disclose it. Unknown
The Incredibles 2004 PG The world's superheroes are forced to give up their heroics and go into hiding after Mr. Incredible saves a suicidal man as well as a derailed train from a bridge destroyed by one of his enemies (who ironically got away with it), causing the populace to turns on superheroes and lawyers to sue them.

The film celebrates the importance of the family unit; Elastigirl fails at parenting when her husband, Mr. Incredible, neglects to help her raise their children; a traditional family of superheroes is portrayed as the saviors of society, whose importance and presence has been unfairly suppressed thanks to the liberal-dominated mainstream media and its preference to see the worst in people. In addition, Mr. Incredible was also shown in the beginning to take marriage seriously, immediately heading over to the wedding when he realizes he may be running late, and doing various crime-stopping when he has time before it.

The movie also contains the conservative idea that recognition should be based on merit rather than on unsubstantiated expectations of equality. The villain, Syndrome, out of sheer jealousy, attempts to kill off real superheroes so he uses technology to pretend to be one, later planning to sell his gadgets so that everyone in the world can be super. "And when everyone is super," he explains, "no one will be." When Mr. Incredible is asked to attend his son's fifth-grade graduation, he criticizes society for "celebrating mediocrity" instead of those who are "genuinely exceptional."

Indiana Jones series 1981, 1984, 1989, 2008 PG
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 UR A science fiction condemnation of Communism, produced for only $420,000 and remade successfully in three additional movies. $2,500,000
Iron Eagle 1986 PG-13 A young man's father, an Air Force pilot, is shot down over the Middle East and it's up to the young man and an Air Force colonel to save him. Included three sequels in 1988, 1992 and 1995. $24,159,872 (U.S.)
The Island 2005 PG-13 Pro-life statement against cloning to harvest organs. $35,799,026
Jurassic Park 1993 PG-13 Criticizes the effects of research into genetic cloning. Included three sequels in 1997, 2001 and 2015. $357,067,947
King of Kings 1961 PG-13, originally NR 2 hour, 51 minute widescreen epic by the great director Nicholas Ray about Jesus and his promises of spiritual redemption, as contrasted with the story of the revolutionary leader Barabbas and his promises of worldly redemption. Unknown
Knute Rockne: All-American 1940 UR Stars Ronald Reagan as courageous football player George Gipp, who dies before an important game. Unknown
Ladder 49 2004 PG-13 Shows the courageousness of firefighters. $74,541,707
Last Ounce of Courage 2012 PG Family drama about the struggles Christians suffer through politics and abolishment of religious freedom. $1,585,994
Lean on Me 1989 PG-13 A true story about combating drug use, violence, and contempt for authority while exalting positive values like academic achievement and family values. Biodrama about Paterson, New Jersey's real life Joe Clark. [4] $31,906,454
Liar Liar 1997 PG-13 Surprisingly takes on an anti-feminist theme by depicting the father as the good, righteous side in a courtroom divorce trial against a greedy, avaricious and uncaring mother, who only wants the children so she can wring every cent of alimony and child support she can out of the father. $181,410,615
The Lion King 1994 G A main message of the movie is honoring thy father, and the power-hungry main antagonist, once he becomes ruler, favors fascistic big government, pushes liberal values and destroys their territory. $312,825,899
The Little Mermaid 1989 G A mermaid strives to become a traditional female human, following the patriarchal system of society. It also promotes the concept of assimilation, as the mermaid when becoming human intended to adopt the culture of the humans upon doing so. The centers around conservative Christian values and contains an anti-feminism theme. The villain is shown in a devilish way, and claims about men not wanting women who talk and care only for a woman's body language (a common claim by feminists against males) is made clear to be lies. In addition, it also contains a pro-traditional marriage theme, and is the last Disney animated feature film to actually treat traditional marriage as a good thing for a while. Despite being set under the sea, it also features an anti-Environmentalism message, as the characters (namely King Triton) who pushed anti-human sentiments turned out to be wrong in their negative views on humans. $111,543,479
The Lives of Others 2006 R (Not for children) - This German-language film is a stinging criticism of Communist East Germany from a liberal perspective. $11,286,112
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 2001 PG-13 Clear distinction between good and evil with positive themes of friendship, bravery, honor, sacrifice and overcoming temptation. $314,776,114
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 2002 PG-13 Strong portrayals of redemption and good over evil. $340,478,898
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2003 PG-13 Bravery, heroism, sacrifice and good ultimately triumphing over evil. $377,027,325
Logan's Run 1967 PG/R A man within a liberal society (evidenced by acceptance of homosexuality and work-free spoiled existence) that kills everyone on their 30th birthday, claiming it's rebirth (see Liberal Denial), escapes to find a world of hard work and aging.
The Lost Weekend 1945 UR Illustrates the dangers of alcohol abuse. Unknown
Make Mine Freedom 1948 A short cartoon, which shows how Capitalism works and how Communism steals freedom. Unknown
Man Of Steel 2013 PG-13 Superman is portrayed as a Christ-like figure, shows bravery of the U.S. Military and shows the theme of protecting the ones you love. $291,045,518
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World 2003 PG-13 Promotes many positive conservative values including faith in God, patriotism, duty, honor, respect for authority, discipline, bravery, sacrifice, and friendship. $93,926,386
Matilda 1996 PG Film adaptation of Roald Dahl's children's novel of a bright little girl who uses her magical genius and help from a sympathetic teacher to free herself from the foolish, selfish people in her life-her self-absorbed parents, bratty brother and horrible public school principal. $33,084,249
Meet the Robinsons 2007 G A child does not seem to fit in to society, his main hobby is inventing. He travels to the future to see meet his family, and he realizes persistence pays off in the end and he discovers that his inventions ultimately do change society, and his own life, for the better. The movie shows a message about the value of life, family, and considers the contributions and possibilities lost by every child that is aborted. $169,333,034
The Mill and the Cross (Polish original) 2011 UR Persecution of Christians in Flanders region of Belgium during the 16th Century. $310,900
Miracle 2004 PG Movie about the United States hockey team which won the gold medal in the 1980 Winter Olympics. Stresses the important of hard work, resiliency, selflessness and putting your best effort forward to reach an unseen goal. $64,445,708
Moses 1974 Italy-U.K. PG Italian-British-American production which features Burt Lancaster playing Moses the lawgiver. Less flamboyant than Cecil B. Demille's movie The Ten Commandments and focuses more on the Biblical figure of Moses. Originally a six-part U.S. TV mini-series in 1975, but edited to make it a U.S. movie in 1976. unknown money returns
Mr. Skeffington 1944 UR Bette Davis portrays a socialite whose life is ruined when she turns ugly with age. Anti-Nazi and anti-materialistic. Unknown
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939 UR A tale of a good, simple man rising above the pressures of liberals to do the right thing. Features perhaps the best defense of the American political system ever committed to film. Unknown
My Own Private Idaho 1991 R Two good friends learn to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make it in the business world. $6,401,336
My Son John 1952 UR A small-town couple's world is turned upside-down by the discovery that their adult son is a Communist. amount made unknown
The Name of the Rose 1986 R A mystery centered around the balance between faith and science, as well as debate over the role of poverty in religion and religious orders. $5,595,706
The Nativity Story 2006 PG Title says it all about this Biblical epic. $37,629,831
Ninotchka 1939 UR Unknown
Not Without My Daughter 1991 PG-13 Sally Fields is Betty Mahmoody, the U.S. wife who, along with her daughter, was tricked in 1984 by her Iranian-born husband into traveling with him on what he said would be only two weeks in his homeland to visit his relatives (he lied big time about the two weeks part!). $14,789,113 (U.S.)
October Baby 2012 PG-13 A first-rate, compelling film that leaves no doubt about how wrong abortion is. $5,357,328
October Sky 1999 PG Four high school boys from a rural coal mining town, inspired by Sputnik, set out to build their own rockets and become rocket scientists. $32,481,825
Of Gods and Men (French original) 2010 R Martyrdom of Trappist monks by Islamic terrorists in an impoverished Algerian community. $3,954,651
Oh, God! 1977 PG Acceptance of God's calling is rewarded, the faithful are vindicated, and naysayers are proven wrong. Had two sequels in 1980 and 1984. $ 41,687,243
On The Waterfront 1954 UR Marlon Brando plays Terry Malloy, who under the inspiration of a Catholic priest (Father Barry, played by Karl Malden), becomes a Christ-like figure. Betrayed by his brother and almost killed by the gang, he finds the strength to overcome and redeem his people from the slavery to the mobsters who run the waterfront. In stunning contrast to the liberals who kept silent about the Communist subversion in Hollywood, the film portrays the informer as the hero; liberal Hollywood never forgave director Elia Kazan for his stunning film. In real life, Kazan, Malden and screenwriter Budd Schulberg all testified before Congress, along with Ronald Reagan. Together they broke the power of the Reds in Hollywood. $9,600,000
One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich 1970 Britain/Norway PG Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's best selling novel brought to film as Tom Courtenay is the titular prisoner in early 1950s Siberia as punishment for surrendering to the Nazis during World War II and his struggle for small comforts to ease the harsh injustices of the Gulag. A smashing indictment of the Soviet system. amount unknown
One Foot In Heaven 1941 UR Unknown
The Pacifier 2005 PG Navy Seal Shane Wolfe (Vin Diesel) is assigned to be the guardian of five children, he learns from them the responsibilities of being in a family as they learn from him the importance of protecting the country. $113,086,868
Parental Guidance 2012 PG Two parents raise their kids in a liberal way, and as a result the kids are unhappy and rebellious. The parents leave the kids alone with their grandparents for a weekend who bring in conservative values, and helps the kids realize the importance of family. $119,772,232
The Patriot 2000 R A patriot fights for American freedom during the American Revolution. $215,294,342
Pinocchio 1940 G A kindhearted craftsman wishes for his own son, a blue fairy (resembling the Blessed Virgin Mary) grants his wish and turns one of his wooden puppets into a real boy. The boy learns about moral values, and must escape the bad boys who have "Hollywood values" and as a result are turned into donkeys (may represent the Democrats in pop culture). $84,254,167
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides 2011 PG-13 Unlike the rest of the movies in the series which were pure entertainment, this movie has some good Christian messages and a Christian missionary is presented in a positive light. The climax of the movie presents a very important message too; Only God can grant eternal life, not this pagan waters. Men, destroy this profane temple! $1.046 billion
The Prince of Egypt 1998 PG An animated telling of the life of Moses. $ 101,217,900
The Pursuit of Happyness 2006 PG-13 A film that shows hard work, dedication, loyalty and trust can result in success and "happiness" for any American, regardless of race, gender or creed. It is an instructional piece about the tradition of "stick-to-it-iveness" that has made America a land of hope and opportunity for so many. This film’s main themes -- the primacy of the family, the blessings of free and open markets, the necessity of staying true to one’s ideals -- are all conservative concepts. $307,077,300
Quo Vadis 1951 UR The early Christian Church during the time of Nero's regime. Unknown
Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 PG $242,374,454
Red Dawn 1984 PG-13 A film by conservative writer and director John Milius about American high school students resisting a Soviet invasion through guerrilla warfare. Remade in 2012. $35,866,000
Rise of the Guardians 2012 PG Four immortal guardians appear as Christ-like creatures, who jobs are to protect those children who belief in them. Two of the guardians are Santa Claus and the Eagle Bunny based on Christian allegories. $103,412,758
Rocky 1976 PG A talented but down-on-his-luck fighter gets a chance to challenge himself to the ends of his ability. This film-and its sequels and remakes- reinforces man's ability to overcome challenges. Included five sequels and one remake. $117,235,247
The Room 2003 R Anti-alcoholism and adultery. Shows the destructive nature of liberal values. $1800 in its initial theater run. Has done much better in recent theater screenings.
Rosemary's Baby 1968 R Higher powers intervene in this story of a young Catholic mother's devotion to her unborn infant. Unknown
Rudy 1993 PG A young man overcomes many obstacles, including dyslexia, to play for the Notre Dame football team. Shows the value of hard work and never giving up. $22,750,363
The Sandlot 1993 PG Honestly depicts 1950s America when boys acted like boys and girls acted like girls, wimps were taught to toughen up, and every boy had a chance to be great. No historical revisionism. $32,416,586
The Santa Clause (series) 1994, 2002, 2006 PG A divorced father of one must take on the responsibility of being Santa Claus after he is chosen, promotes the importance of traditional marriage, and the importance of family and Christmas. $144,833,357, $144,833,357, $144,833,357
Saving Christmas 2014 PG Kirk Cameron fights using the truth in the War on Christmas. Liberals tried to censor it, but ultimately became a hit among those who believes in the truth. $2,800,000
Sergeant York 1941 UR A young American soldier during WWI overcomes an unfounded religious objection to killing and becomes a war hero. Unknown
The Seventh Seal 1956 NR Swedish film about the strength of religion.
The Seventh Sign 1988 R Starring Demi Moore, a fictional account of the return of Jesus to usher in the apocalypse and judge mankind. Catholic themed movie has Demi offering her life for the souls of others. $ 18,875,011
Sexmission 1984 R A Polish film about two men, Max and Albert, played by Jerzy Stuhr and Olgierd Łukaszewicz, respectively, submit themselves in 1991 to the first human hibernation experiment. Instead of being awakened a few years later as planned, they wake up in the year 2044, in a post-nuclear world. By then, humans have retreated to underground living facilities, and, as a result of subjection to a specific kind of radiation, all males have died out. Women reproduce through parthenogenesis, living in an oppressive feminist society, where the apparatchiks teach that women suffered under males until males were removed from the world. The totalitarian female society was meant to represent Communism and feminism and the movie meant to ridicule it.
Shane 1953 UR Western about defending a homesteading family. $20,000,000
Shattered Glass 2003 PG-13 Based on the true story of Stephen Glass (Hayden Christensen), a reporter in the late 1990s for the liberal magazine The New Republic, lies and distorts news stories to make them entertaining. He begins by submitting an article about the Conservative Political Action Conference, in which he fabricated stories of drinking and sexual mischief. Then, after he writes a colorful but suspicious story on a superstar web hacker, a group from a small online news site begin to question his journalistic integrity. $2,220,008
Snitch 2013 PG-13 A father becomes an informant on helping the police arrest drug dealers, so he can get his son out of prison. Pro-drug war, the villains of the movie are all drug dealers. $42,930,462
Solomone Kane 2009 R A story about a Puritan on his way of redemption. $19,385,501
Soul Surfer 2011 PG The true story of champion surfer 13-year-old Bethany Hamilton who loses her arm to a shark. Her Christian faith helps her overcome her handicap to surf once again. $43,853,424
The Sound of Music 1965 UR Solid family entertainment about Austria's von Trapps before World War II. $158,671,368
Spider-Man 2002 PG-13 Praises moral virtue (hard-working teenager, devout aunt and well-meaning uncle) and pokes fun at liberals (entertainers and journalists, particularly Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson, who goes out of his way to unfairly smear and slander Spider-Man and foolishly question his heroic deeds). Hero chooses abstinence. This was one of the most profitable films ever made and had two sequels. $403,706,375
Strategic Air Command 1955 UR Actor (and Brigadier General) James Stewart's story of the real Strategic Air Command and its transition from prop planes to jet planes. Unknown
The Ten Commandments 1956 UR The definitive film portrayal of Exodus. $65,500,000
The Tree of Life 2011 PG-13 An adaptation of the Book of Job set in 1950s Texas with a narrative structure based on the nature of human memory which many viewers will find confusing. $13,303,319
True Lies 1994 R Stars the future Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Teaches conservative values like marital loyalty, and politically incorrect facts such as the fact that most terrorists are Middle Eastern Islamic radicals who don't value human life. $146,261,000
The Tunnel (Der Tunnel) 2001 Based on a true story a group of East Berliners escaping harsh Communist rule and hatch a plan to help others escape that same oppressive regime. $10,890
Twelve O'Clock High 1949 UR A thrilling movie about the heroics of fighter pilots during World War II; used as an educational film for management training seminars. $ 3,225,000
Uncle Buck 1989 PG-13 A slovenly bachelor babysits his rebellious teenage niece and her younger brother and sister, and they learn the true importance of family. $79,258,538
Veggie Tales 1993-Present TV-Y The adventures of anthropomorphic vegetables, where the stories are all based upon moral themes based on Christianity. Made for TV
We Were Soldiers 2002 R Pro-war story film based on the soldiers and families fighting in Vietnam $114,660,784
The Wicker Man 2006 PG-13 Shows the dangers of feminism and Neo-Paganism.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971 G Showing the importance of having character. Charlie is able to accept the consequences of his actions. He acknowledges his wrongdoing while in the factory, and relinquishes a potential goldmine, from the sale of his everlasting gobstopper to a rival spy, back to Wonka.

The hidden message in this film is one of redemption. It is hidden because it is conveyed through the imagery of the films final scene. Charlie has made it to the end of his journey. Despite his moral struggles, he finds redemption through his desire to correct his mistake. He is given a reward that is beyond his wildest expectations - he is given the keys to the factory while the Wonkavator crashes through the ceiling up into the sky. The allusion to Heaven and salvation is unmistakable.

$4 million
The Winning Team 1952 UR Ronald Reagan stars as a baseball pitcher who overcomes his problems to help his team win. This was one of Reagan's own favorites. Unknown
Witness 1985 R Highlights the virtues of strong moral values, with more substance than High Noon. $65,500,000
Won't Back Down 2012 PG-13 A brilliant movie that criticizes public schools. $5,310,554
World Trade Center 2006 PG-13 Highlights the bravery of NYC's firemen and police in 9/11 $70,236,496
Wreck It Ralph 2012 PG Main lesson of the film is that Ralph, a video game villain who is typecast as the poor and medal-less guy, is encouraged to use his equal opportunities to do better and pursue his own successes. The basis of the American Dream, the goal of overcoming one's present, lowly circumstances to achieve a state of greatness; and shows how trying to achieving this goal by theft, is the wrong way to do it. In addition the main villain of the movie is a competition-hating villain, who has pushed liberal values and established what's like a fixed-economy where in a game only he wins. $189,422,889
Zootopia 2016 PG This recent Disney movie set in a city inhabited by animals promotes the American Dream, racial equality, and subtle Christian values such as forgiveness and reconciliation, as well as responsible Capitalism. $298.4 Million


Film Year Rating Comments Gross (Domestic)
2016: Obama's America 2012 PG Documentary by Conservative author Dinesh D'Souza explores the disturbing origins of Barack Hussein Obama, including his inherited philosophy with his drunken father and his inspiration from Communists Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers. $33,349,941
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed 2008 PG Ben Stein exposes evolutionists' scientific and education system deceit. $7,690,545
The Great Global Warming Swindle 2007 UR Exposing the greatest fraud in the history of science. NA - TV
Hillary: The Movie 2008 UR Citizens United film exposing Hillary Clinton. This movie was the impetus of the lawsuit which overturned the McCain-Feingold legislation by the U.S. Supreme Court in Citizens United v. FEC. NA - TV
How Should We Then Live 1976 UR Christian film that traces Western history from Ancient Rome until 1976. A study of philosophic, scientific, and religious movements reflecting changing patterns. NA - TV
I Want Your Money 2010 PG Documentary film which supports the triumph of Reagan-economics over Obamanomics. $433,588
Indoctrinate U 2007 UR Exposed political correctness, racial and ethnic politics in the academic setting. [5] Unknown
Kids Aren't Cars 2011 UR How the teachers' unions are destroying our public schools. [6] Unknown
Maafa21 2009 UR This film explores the inception of Planned Parenthood as an organization created to exterminate African-Americans. It exposes the words of its racist founder Margaret Sanger and their impact on black genocide more than a century later. [7] NA - DVD
Occupy Unmasked 2012 Not rated Documentary about the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Waiting for Superman 2010 PG Documentary on the U.S.' failed public school system. $6,410,257
The Soviet Story 2008 Documentary about the crimes of Communism and the Soviet Union.
"MARGARET THATCHER - Death of a Revolutionary" 2013 Shows how Thatcher's economic liberalism helped Britain turn from the sick man of Europe and the only socialist country outside of the Iron Curtain to one of Europe's best economies. It tells us contrary to popular belief (which is mostly likely lies spread by socialists, liberals and fake conservatives), the working classes actually liked her more than the upper classes.

Debatable Whether Conservative

Film Year Rating Comments Gross (Domestic)
Zulu 1964 UR Courageous, Duty, Patriotism. A defending of Western Civilization.
The Passion of the Christ 2004 R Downplays the Resurrection[8] and strength of Christianity and omits powerful angels; instead exaggerates triumph of evil; film had little lasting effect on public or its producer; portrayed nails as through the hands rather than through the wrists as depicted by the Shroud of Turin and confirmed by modern science. $370,782,930
Team America: World Police 2004 R While it is clearly pro-military, pro-America, and anti-Hollywood, the movie is riddled with liberal values, including toilet humor and vulgar language throughout. Also, in the movie's foul mouthed theme song, it says yay to abortion, slavery, pornography, and Democrats, while having no positive reaction to Republicans. Penned by the creators of South Park.
Edward Scissorhands 1990 PG-13 Endorsed by the Christian website with a 4 out of 5 star rating. Conversely however, a prominently featured Christian character - the only character in the movie ever identified as Christian - is portrayed as fanatical and bigoted against people with scissors for hands. $56,362,352
Shame 2011 NC-17 While the movie shows Hollywood Values, such as sex addiction, in a negative light and is clearly anti-homosexual agenda, as the main character reaches his lowest point by partaking in such acts, the film is graphic in its nature leaving one to question how conservative it really is.
It's a Wonderful Life 1946 UR Falsely teaches that humanism is what makes life worthwhile; marginalizes faith with a cartoonish depiction and demonizes capitalism as sadistic and greedy. $3,300,000
High Noon 1952 UR A favorite of both Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Bill Clinton; John Wayne said it was "the most un-American thing I've ever seen in my whole life";[9] though susceptible of various interpretations, most of all it seems to scare people into wanting more government. $3,750,000
P.C.U. 1994 PG-13 College students fight back against a campus where the administration promotes official diversity awareness weekends and radical feminism, veganism, and political correctness run amok, but a conservative group on campus is also portrayed just as negatively as the P.C. groups. $4,350,774
Pillow Talk 1959 UR A classic starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day in which conservative values triumph over liberal ones. There are no distortions by feminist ideology. Indeed, in one scene a leading man slaps the leading lady, but then is beaten up by dimwitted bystanders for it! $18,750,000
The Way We Were 1973 PG Unique in the way that it appears liberal to liberals while unintentionally sending a conservative message to young women. Stars uber-liberal Barbra Streisand. $49,919,870
Grease 1978 PG Some conservative messages and no feminism or other political correctness; mocks public school and even television during the 1950s. Followed in 1982 by a much panned sequel (Grease 2). $153,113,000
Fargo 1996 R Pregnant sheriff with traditional American family values solves an elaborate criminal embezzlement, kidnapping and murder scheme. $24,611,975
Juno 2007 PG-13 A pregnant teenage woman rejects abortion and decides for an adoptive birth instead. This movie pushes feminism and marginalizes the essential role of fatherhood. $143,492,840
Camelot 1967 G The famous jousting scene is a powerful display of Christian values and chivalry, but the movie seems lost afterward. $31,102,578
The Iron Lady 2011 PG-13 The British biopic of Conservative Party leader and 1979-90 British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, showing the effects of conservative economic policy on Britain, helping to lift the country out of its recession. $80,554,188 (international including UK), $27,081,674 (US - domestic)
21 Jump Street 2011 R Two police officers try to take down a drug ring in high school where the villains are environmentalists and drug dealers. But contains many sexual references, full profanity, and many religious insults. A parodic comedy remake of the 1987–91 Fox Network police drama of the same name. $201,585,328
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry 2007 PG-13 Portrayals an inside joke of same-sex "marriage" by having Adam Sandler and Kevin James pretend to be a homosexual couple in order to receive benefits. The villains of the movies are government ranking officials out to prove with they are really homosexual. However contains some scenes of girls in lingerie and Adam Sandler checking out some girls. The film took place prior to the 2011 enactment of the Marriage Equality Act, which claimed to "legalize" "marriage" for same-sex couples in the state. At the time the film was released, the state allowed for residents to file for unregistered cohabitation rights, and various municipal and county governments had offered domestic partnership registries. $120,059,556
Soul Man 1986 PG-13 A white student cheats the affirmative action system, by pretending to be black in order to get the scholarship he needs for to pay for Harvard. Towards the end it is revealed he took the scholarship away from someone who needed it (and is really black), because she has a son and is divorced at such a young age. Exploits the racism that people have against white people. But on the positive note the film teaches the importance of hard work. $27,820,000
The Simpsons Movie 2007 PG-13 Portrays the liberal EPA as a villainous and devious agency, and portrays the Government in general as intrusive and corrupt. On the other hand, it also promotes environmentalism in the beginning. $183,135,014
Back to the Future 1985 PG Contains some conservative messages such as the triumph of chivalry as well as the negative effects of deviancy and drug/alcohol addiction, although the film also promotes negative values including premarital sexual activity and disregard for chastity. Included two sequels in 1989 and 1990. $210,609,762
The Campaign 2012 R Political comedy depicts the Democrat candidate (Will Ferrell) as an obnoxious, drunken womanizer and satire of John Edwards, although the Republican candidate (Zach Galifinakis) is portrayed just as negatively as a corrupt capitalist. $33,165,738
Knocked Up 2007 R Unemployed, immature and childish 23-year old Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) has a one night stand with serious career woman Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), with the unintended consequence of pregnancy. Alison's mother (Joanna Kerns) says she should get the pregnancy "taken care of", while Ben's best friend Jonah (Jonah Hill) suggests that "I won't say the A-word, but it rhymes with abortion." Alison decides to keep the child, while Ben decides to find a real job, grow up, and become a father. $148,768,917
Beauty and the Beast 1991 G A young woman overcomes a shallow society and finds true love. Although by comparison a powerful and immensely popular antidote to feminism to the liberal movies churned out by Disney since, as well as overall promoting redemption (as seen with the Beast's transformation), and also promoting some family values (such as Belle being loyal to her father), there were a few hints at feminist propaganda at the beginning of the film, such as Belle being different from the villagers because she can read, which is implied to not be supported by the villagers at all (feminist propaganda often falsely claims that women couldn't get an education until the 1960s), as well as Belle being unwilling to hold the role of housewife for Gaston or raising children. Then-Disney Chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg also mentioned that he wanted "a feminist twist" on the original fairy tale by creating a heroine who is "a departure from typical Disney female characters",[10] and Linda Woolverton made clear that she made Belle a feminist and based her on the women's liberation movement in order to avoid creating another insipid princess.[11] Gaston is a conservative and hardworking hunter who is considered by the villagers to be their town hero, but is shown to be the main villain of the movie (it should also be noted that in the original screenplay for the film, Gaston was intended to be a Marquess [French nobleman], meaning the decision to make him a conservative and hardworking hunter was made after a rewrite). In addition, the villagers (strongly implied to be practicing and devout Christians) were later briefly seen supporting a plan that went against God's teachings. In addition, Belle's love for Beast (where it is implied that she was largely unaware of the Beast being formerly a human prince) could be seen as promoting bestiality. Also, it is the first Disney movie to neither show nor hint at the two love interests getting married, and in fact, the only "wedding" in the film was the one Belle ruined, creating negative implications about marriage as a result, as well as starting a string of movies that don't paint marriage in a positive light. Similarly, the only three females in the film who are implicitly supportive of marriage and Christianity are demeaned, depicted as dumb blondes with the script and credits explicitly referring to them derogatorily as "the bimbettes." There were also several overtones of a pro-homosexual agenda within the film, including the mob song late into the film, largely because of the executive producer, Howard Ashman, being gay and dying from AIDs at the time the film was made. One of the protagonistic characters, Lumiere, is briefly seen making out with a featherduster and was implied that the two weren't married, with some hints at Lumiere being a unrepentant womanizer. In addition, some elements of the film were later reused in the definitely liberal Maleficent movie.[11] $ 25,487,028
Titanic 1997 PG-13 Every life had value and the most powerful men gave up their seats on lifeboats to women and children first; the media and a young RINO are rightly criticized; broke the record in movie revenues. However, it also gave some hints at a pro-socialist view, and a key scene involving Rose being drawn in the nude is invocative of pornography. $600,779,824
The Hunger Games 2012 PG-13 Futuristic totalitarians plan titular annual televised "games" as punishment on the descendants of failed revolutionaries from a past uprising. Although technically a message against totalitarianism and for individualism, Leftist actor Donald Sutherland, who played President Snow, implied that the struggles of the films' protagonists were supposed to be derived from the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the book's author also indicated that the events of the book were based on the George W. Bush administration. $406,267,858
Super 2010 R Main character becomes a super hero after a vision from God. He also frequently turns to prayer and a Christian television show for guidance. Even though his wife leaves him for a drug dealer, he remains loyal to her for the whole movie. Although contains foul language, violence, and brief nudity scenes. Unknown
The LEGO Movie 2014 PG Anti-Large Government, with a message that anyone has the potential to be extraordinary. However is also anti-capitalist, and the main villain is Lord Business.
We're the Millers 2013 R A drug dealer, stripper, runaway, and average loser pretend to be a family to sneak marijuana out of Mexico. However they learn the value and importance of family. The villains of the movie are all drug gang men, the film also features a stripper scene, and whether or not the film is anti-drug in the end is debatable. $150,394,119
Kingsman: The Secret Service 2015 R Anti-enviromentalist, the villain attempts to eradicate the human race because of his belief in man-made global warming. Though the film is full of language and violence as well as a brief nudity scene.
Star Wars 1977-1983 (Original Trilogy); 1999-2005 (Prequel Trilogy); 2015- (Sequel Trilogy) PG, PG-13 (Episode III & Episode VII) Mostly composed of simple truths about the triumph of good over evil, and in the case of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, redemption. However, Episode VI also contained some implied pro-Vietcong propaganda at George Lucas' behest via the Ewoks, as well as his later claiming that the entirety of the Star Wars saga from Episodes IV-VI was meant to be his means of protesting Vietnam (which is supported by a memo dating back to 1973 where he claimed the film was about "A large technological empire going after a small group of freedom fighters." It is also to be noted that this was not the first time he voiced support for the Vietcong as well as used film to push an anti-American/anti-War agenda, as he also initially played a role in the filming of Apocalypse Now[12]), and the re-release for Episode IV: A New Hope also had an infamous edit where it made it seem as though Greedo shot at Han first, with George Lucas later revealing he did the edit (or rather, falsely claimed it was always that way) as a means to promote gun control. The prequel trilogy also had some implied pot-shots at then-president George W. Bush and his War on Terror, and there was also an implied promotion of moral relativity in Revenge of the Sith (where Obi-Wan, when confronting Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in the climax, stated in reply to Anakin's declaration that Obi-Wan is his enemy if he's not with him that "only a Sith deals in absolutes."). In addition, the director for Episode VII: The Force Awakens, J.J. Abrams, admitted in a press release that he deliberately made Finn black in order to ensure diversity among the characters, hinting at it pushing the leftist diversity agenda.[13] In addition, the film also hints at a militant feminist agenda by having Leia act as general and Rey not allowing anyone to save her, something that conservative commentator John Nolte mentioned was a detraction for the film.[14] $460,998,007
U-571 2000 PG-13 Had a plot which was based on the first capture of a German Enigma machine in World War Two. Despite the film being patriotic to America, the facts are wrong as the Enigma machine was captured by the British in 1941 prior to the Americans entering the war. $77,122,415
Kingdom of Heaven (director's cut) 2005 R A story set in the Crusades period about a young knight. While the theatrical version was a pure liberal media, the director's cut promotes fighting, honor, duty, and portrays the noble Knights Hospitallers in a positive light. That being said, the movie still portrays Knights Templars in a negative light.
"Wall E" 2008 The movie warned against big government (BNL), however it is also anti-capitalist and pro environmentalism as BNL is a corporation.

Debatable Whether Great

Film Year Rating Comments Gross (Domestic)
Bugs Bunny's Space Jam 1996 PG Michael Jordan uses the help of beloved animated children's characters from the 1950s (a simpler time in America's history) to beat back foreign invaders who wish to take away our freedoms. $90,443,603
One Good Cop 1991 R Titular New York City police detective (Michael Keaton) and his wife (Rene Russo) inherit a family-three small girls-when the detective's partner (Anthony Lapaglia) dies in the line of duty. Has positive portrayals of law enforcers and clergy (one priest turns in money that was stolen from a drug dealer by the cop and left as a donation to his church and the girls talk about "going to Jesus"). Typical violent skirmishes mixed with tender sentimental ones, but also admissions of past adultery by the ill-fated partner, smoking, drinking, much profanity and, of course, illegal drugs. $11,276,846
Jack and Jill 2011 PG Adam Sandler stars as both Jack and Jill in this family comedy that is pro-capitalism and pro-family values $149,673,788
An American Carol 2008 PG-13 David Zucker's conservative comedy starring Kevin Farley, Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight, Dennis Hopper, Trace Adkins and Leslie Nielsen. $7,013,191


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