Bible Homework 2 Answers - Student Two

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1. Why do you think the serpent tried to tempt Eve, as opposed to Adam?

According to Gen. 3:1, “(T)he serpent was craftier than any other land animal that the LORD God had made. He asked the woman, "Wait a minute. Did God really say, 'You may not eat from any tree in the garden?'"”

In calling the serpent “craft(y)”, Scripture suggests that the serpent was acting rationally and intelligently in choosing Eve, rather than Adam, to approach. That is, the serpent was correct in perceiving that of the two living humans, Eve was the easier mark-- more susceptible to deceit and more prone to sin-- and that in order to have any chance at tempting Adam, the serpent would first have to successfully tempt the woman. Had the Bible not explicitly noted the craftiness of the serpent, we would not be justified in concluding that the serpent had chosen the correct strategy, but it does, and we are. The woman was simply a better target for the serpent than the man.

Interesting analysis. This question was meant to be open-ended, and your hypothesis and supporting evidence are certainly plausible 10/10

2. Why do you think God sometimes refers to Himself in the plural (e.g. "us") in Genesis? (Hint: Could the Old Testament be foreshadowing something here?)

The plural usage indicates that the unchanging God has always been triune. The text of Genesis foreshadows the first three verses of the Gospel of John: “In the beginning was the Living Word, and this Truth was with God, and this Perfection was God. This same one was in the beginning, with God. All things were made by Him; not one thing was made without Him.”

Absolutely correct. 10/10

3. List one absurd and unverifiable claim that evolutionists make about the creation of the world.

Evolutionists cite alleged examples of poor design as evidence against special creation, and then turn around and claim that evolution is driven by survival of the fittest. The contradiction is obvious; if these supposed design flaws are in fact flaws, they would have been eliminated by natural selection, but if they are not flaws, then they cannot serve as counterexamples to creation. Good answer, but you could have cited at least one specific example. Minus 1. 9/10

(See Extra Credit item)

4. The rivers mentioned in the story of Adam & Eve suggest that the Garden of Eden was in what region of the world?

They suggest that Eden was in Mesopotamia, the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, or present-day Iraq.

Correct. 10/10

5. Early humans lived very long (for example, Adam lived 930 years). What passage in Genesis limits the current human lifespan to 120 years?

Gen. 6:3

The LORD said, "My spirit shall not continue this quarrel with man forever, because indeed he is sinful flesh. I give him one hundred twenty years more."

Good! 10/10

EXTRA CREDIT: Conservapedia contains many great satirical pieces about the fallacies of evolution (and humor is indeed a Christian concept - the Gospels contain many early example of humor). Can you create your own satirical article to add to this list? Alternatively, you can contribute an article to Conservapedia's Richard Dawkins project.

Counterexamples to creationism that are not self-contradictory

Quite funny, but not original since it's similar to existing pages. Minus 1. 4/5

Total: 53/55 - good job!