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The Bilby is currently an endangered species.

A Bilby is a small endangered marsupial from Australia. Bilbies are the size of a small cat and have long pointed ears. Due to the loss of habitat in the coastal areas, the range of Bilbies has been restricted to Australia's inland deserts. There are reputed to be only 600 Bilbies left in the wild. [1]

Campaign to save the Bilby

In recent years a campaign has been mounted to save the Bilby from extinction. Central to the campaign has been the production of chocolate Bilbies to raise funds for awareness campaigns. A chocolate Bilby is intended to replace chocolate Easter bunnies in Australia. Rabbits are a pest species introduced into Australia as a prey for foxes, another pest species.

Bilbies and indigenous Australians

Bilbies were formerly an important food source for some Australian Aborigines. Aboriginal communities have become involved in the campaign to save the Bilby.[2]

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