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Bishop Fred Henry is a conservative idealogue resident of the city of Calgary, Alberta. He has been Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Calgary [1] since March 1998. Remarkably successful in the political sphere, he has campaigned relentlessly against the persecution of Catholics by the powerful secular extremist movement in Canada.

Henry's most remarkable achievement has been his spirited defence of priests wrongly accused in the so-called "Child Abuse Scandal." He has appointed a number of the falsely accused as senior members of the administration of the Diocese. As Rector of a seminary in London (Ontario) in the 1980s, Henry observed that not a single allegation made in Ontario was based on factually verifiable events. Using rigorous statistical methods, he was able to establish that in every case, the only motivation for making allegations was pure monetary gain. Also, it was obvious that the rate of child abuse within the Catholic Clergy and religious orders was (and continues to be) approximately 1/10th to 1/50th of that observed in a control group (Public School Board Teachers), with offense rates of <0.2% and between 2 and 10%, respectively. Currently, Henry is engaged in a major effort to obtain compensation for the grief caused to those falsely accused. These efforts are particularly topical in the context of the public enquiry ongoing in the city of Cornwall (Ontario) which has revealed that a large number of Priests and senior members of the laiety have been falsely accused by the Secular Extremist conspiracy.

Currently, Henry is engaged in a campaign to restore the traditional definition of marriage in Canada. As a result, he has been mercilessly persecuted by secular extremists, including those employed by the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

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