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Bristol Palin (born October 18, 1990) is the daughter of prominent Tea Party figure, Sarah Palin. She came to national attention when her mother ran as vice-president of the John McCain campaign. Soon after, she came under intense media scrutiny due to being a single mother at age 18. She is pro-life. She made a guest appearance in the ABC drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager. In May 2009, Palin became involved with the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and the Candie's Foundation, as a spokeswomen on the negative consequences of teenage pregnancy. In September 2010, she became a contestant on ABC television's Dancing With The Stars. She would make it to the finals but lost. News media played up reports of a mentally disturbed liberal man who scared his wife by firing a shotgun into his TV after hearing that Bristol moved higher in contest rankings.[1]