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Andy van der Bijl, born 1928 in The Netherlands, known as Brother Andrew (so called at the time to preserve anonymity and because he was a brother to other Christians) is the founder of Open Doors and a former Bible smuggler. Some of his life experiences, including Bible smuggling, are documented in the books God's Smuggler and Light Force.

Brother Andrew started smuggling Bibles into communist countries in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.


Brother Andrew:

  • was Knighted by Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands
  • received the World Evangelical Fellowship's Religious Liberty Award
  • received the Heritage of Faithfulness Award from the Christian Association of Senior Adults.
  • received the Lifetime Achievement/Hero of the Faith Award, at the Youth Pastor Summit held by Student Leadership University

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Brother Andrew obtained copies of the (150+ page) KGB report about his work in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.[1]


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