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Candy is a term that has become synonymous with confection. Candy is a sweet food made with sugar or other sweeteners. Candy may refer to toffee, hard sugar candies, chocolates and edible wax. Some examples of these are peanut brittle, lemon drops, chocolate covered cherries and candy corn. In the UK, candy is known as 'sweets'. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavian countries are well known for making candy (including chocolate) as well as toys.

Making sugar candy

A variety of sugar candies can be made by heating a mixture of sugar and water to the required temperature and then adding colorings and flavorings and possibly fruits and nuts. The temperature the sugar reaches determines its final hardness with lower temperatures making soft toffees and high temperatures the hard candies like lemon drops.

Artificial sweeteners can not be substituted for sugar in boiled sugar candies.