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Categories is a game where players first decide a list of categories such as cities, animals and tools. After they decide a keyword, they try to put a word from each category under each letter of the keyword. Each word under a letter begins with that letter. They have a time limit.

The word, categories, also means groupings. Categories are classes or sets of classes of people or things. The members in each grouping are similar to some extent. If a category has more particular categories in it, they are subcategories of that category. To put a Conservapedia article into a category, a link to the category's page is placed at the very end of the article. The same is done when putting a category page into a larger category. The top category in Conservapedia is Category:Everything, which contains links to all the high level subject areas in Conservapedia. Each category page may include first a "subcategories" section then a "pages" section and finally a "media" section, depending on what pages are in that category. The media section shows the pictures in that category. A picture's file name ideally includes what the picture is of.


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