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For EdBot: Category should be moved to Category:Complex Analysis to conform to Manual of Style. -Foxtrot 16:42, 5 December 2008 (EST)

We have too many advanced math articles, many of which have typos and/or are unclear. I have not checked them for errors.

I suggest we go back and work on high school math and its prerequisites first. Once we have that foundation, we can return to university math. --Ed Poor Talk 09:38, 23 September 2009 (EDT)

I agree that there are many advanced math articles that should be deleted. Multiplier ideal sheaf and 2-category, off the top of my head, are two articles that absolutely do not belong here. On the other hand, articles about things like complex analysis, real analysis, and fundamental group, and a lot of the other basic college math articles, are really quite good. I suspect that these articles have fewer errors and parody than most of the others on this site, and you're welcome to check them. I have been checking many and correcting errors for the last couple months. It's fine if we delete some of the worst offenders, but please let's consider these articles on a case-by-case basis -- some are really quite good!
Moreover, there are several editors working hard to make some of the basic college math articles accessible introductions to exciting subjects that don't require much background. Why stop them? I have no background teaching elementary math, so I don't think I would do a better job editing articles about basic algebra, to make them clear to young students, than anyone else on this site would. If anything my edits would probably be counterproductive. If we stop editing advanced math articles here, I don't think most of the editors who work on them would start working on basic math. They'd just disappear, because they have neither interest in nor skills for working on articles on middle school math. --MarkGall 11:35, 23 September 2009 (EDT)