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FV4034 Challenger II
Challenger 2 MBT.jpg
Type Main Battle Tank
Origin United Kingdom
Entered production 1991
Length 8.3 m
Width 3.5 m
Height 2.5 m
Weight 62.5 tonnes
Crew 4
Armor Chobham armour
Primary amament 120 mm L30A1 rifled gun
Secondary armament 1 x 7.62 mm L94A1 EX-34 chain gun
1 x 7.62 mm L37A2 MG
Ammunition types 49 rounds (APFSDS, HESH, Smoke, DU)
4000 rounds 7.62mm
Suspension Hydrogas
Max. road speed 59 km/h
Max. offroad speed 40 km/h
Operational range 450km road/250km off-road
Engine Perkins Caterpillar CV-12 4-stroke Diesel
Power output 1,200 hp/895 kW
Power/weight 19.2 hp/tonne
Transmission David Brown TN54 automatic 6 forward/2 reverse gears

The Challenger II is a main battle tank manufactured by BAE Systems Land and Armaments, in service with the British Army and the Royal Army of Oman. Although the hull and automotive parts of the Challenger II are based upon that of its predecessor Challenger I, it incorporates over 150 improvements which have achieved substantially increased reliability and ease of maintenance. The Challenger II turret is, however, of a totally new design.

The vehicle has a crew of four - commander, gunner, loader/signaller and driver and is equipped with a 120mm rifled Royal Ordnance L30 gun firing all current tank ammunition natures plus the new depleted uranium (DU) round with a stick charge propellant system.[1] As of January 2009, two Challenger 2s have been damaged in combat, and another one destroyed by another Challenger 2 in a friendly fire incident when the munition entered through the open commanders hatch.[2]

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