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Dr. Charles Krauthammer is a Harvard trained Psychiatrist [1] and Pulitzer prize winning columnist whose writings also appear often in the Weekly Standard, the Washington Post, and Time. He is a conservative political analyst and author, as well as a regular contributor to the Fox News show Special Report with Brit Hume, along with Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes. In April 2009, Krauthammer won the 11th annual Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Journalism for depicting "love of country and its democratic institutions." [2]

In an editorial in the magazine Commentary, Krauthammer wrote that neoconservativism “is the maturation of a governing ideology whose time has come.” The original “fathers of neoconservatism” were “former liberals or leftists.” More recently, they have been joined by “realists, newly mugged by reality,” such as Condoleezza Rice, Richard Cheney and George W. Bush, who “have given weight to neoconservatism, making it more diverse and, given the newcomers’ past experience, more mature."[3]

Charles Krauthammer has also written several editorials criticizing intelligent design.[4]


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