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Cheerleaders from Port Charlotte High School in Port Charlotte, Florida. Not all cheerleaders are obnoxious and indecent.

Cheerleading is a sport in which performers cheer on sports teams at games or compete in cheerleading competitions. Participants in cheerleading are known as cheerleaders. A popular implement for gaining cheer is the pom-pom.

Examples of indecency in cheerleading

In 2007, varsity cheerleaders at a California high school were suspended from school for lifting their skirts to show "Indians #1" spelled out on their undergarments.[1] Some network administrators have even blocked access to websites related to cheerleading due to concerns of indecency. It is important to note, however, that some cheerleading squads have made good-faith efforts to reduce indecency. Despite these examples, many Christian schools have cheerleading squads. There are many cheerleaders themselves who are Christians.


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