Cheviot Hills

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The Cheviot Hills, or Cheviots, are a range of hills that mark the central part of the border between England and Scotland. The highest point is the boggy flat-topped extinct volcano called The Cheviot, which has a height of 815 metres. Typically, the Cheviot range consists of rounded grassy hills with steep-sided valleys, but commercial softwood forestry, begun after the First World War, has had a significant effect on the landscape. The principal occupations are sheep-farming and forestry, although tourism is becoming increasingly important.

From the thirteenth to the early seventeenth century the Cheviots were at the heart of the border wars between England and Scotland and the endemic banditry of the Border Reivers.

Apart from The Cheviot itself, prominent hills in the range include Windy Gyle, Bloodybush Edge, Hedgehope, and Yeavering Bell.