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Chris Hansen is a reporter for NBC. He is best known for his appearances on To Catch a Predator, which was a series of investigations on Dateline NBC presenting stories on adults who use the internet to meet underage teens (12-15, although it should be noted that the "age of consent" in many USA states is 17-18, not 16) for sex.

NBC paid a consulting fee to a group called Perverted Justice to do what they normally do—Go into chat rooms posing as underage teens and engage in sexually charged conversations with adults. These men made dates for sex with the decoys, and now they're showing up at this house, where Chris Hansen was doing an undercover investigation.

Despite the fact that almost all of the men who appear on the show pled or were found guilty of using the internet to solicit a minor for sex, NBC and Perverted Justice have been accused of entrapment, despite the fact that only law enforcement officers can entrap, and for NBC's paying Perverted Justice a consulting fee. ABC's 20/20 criticized this alleged misconduct.


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