Christian Ferras

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Christian Ferras

Christian Ferras (Le Touquet, 17 Jun 1933 - Paris, 14 September 1982) French violinist. Ferras began studying the violin with his father, who was a pupil of Marcel Chailley.

He was a remarkably gifted child who began to study at a very early age with Charles Bistesi at the Nice Conservatory In 1942 he made his public debut as soloist with an orchestra in Nice. He then continued his training at the Paris Conservatory with René Benedetti (violin) and Joseph Calvet (chamber music), taking premiers prix in both subjects in 1946, the year he made his Paris debut. In 1949 he had further lessons with Enesco and captured 2nd prize in the Long-Thibaud competition in Paris. Thereafter, he pursued a distinguished career as a soloist with orchestras and as a recitalist. In 1975 he became a professor at the Paris Conservatory His interpretations were notable for their stylistic fidelity to the score and virtuoso. Christian Ferras-Classical Musician

Ferras then made many recordings with EMI and the Deutsche Grammophon. He gave his last concert in Vichy on August 25, 1982.

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