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Christian Nation is a concept held among some Fundamentalists that the United States was founded as a "Christian Nation," then lost its way, and now should be restored to its original character. The idea has become a favorite attack theme for liberals and secularists who claim that the political Right plans to impose Christianity upon on America.

The "Christian Nation" theme is not mainstream conservatism. President Ronald Reagan wrote to Norman Lear in 1984 to say that he was "not aware of any 'Christian Nation movement' and I certainly do not support the notion."[1]

Mainstream conservatives usually speak in terms of Judeo-Christian ethics and values, of America having a Christian heritage, or that the founding fathers were, in the main, Christian men.


  1. Ronald Reagan, Reagan: A Life in Letters, ed. by Kiron K. Skinner (2004) p. 642, Norman Lear was a Hollywood producer and an important organizer of secularism.