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Christian Security Network (CSN) is national organization dedicated to awareness, security, safety and emergency planning for Christian churches, schools, and ministries. The network is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. In its first report on violence against these groups, "Crimes Against Christian Organizations in the United States," they have documented 472 incidents of violence, theft and other criminal acts. Most frequently reported is theft and burglary. Vandalism added up to more than $6.3 million in church property losses.

Tracking violence against churches is just one way the network is hoping to help get Christians up to par with the rest of the world. Per their website,

The Christian community is at risk and as a whole is behind the curve compared to the secular world in terms of security and emergency preparedness.

We address every day threats such as lawsuits and liability, medical emergencies, crime, disasters like fire and destructive weather, violent situations, "active shooters", and lost or abducted children.

Executive director Jeffrey Hawkins notes that not all criminal activities are reported to a governmental agency and thus estimates the total number of crimes to be five to six times greater than the nearly 500 reported this year.

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