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Christian Union is a Protestant church which has congregations in the USA, Asia, and Africa. Founded at Columbus, Ohio in 1864, Christian Union is an attempt to overcome denominationalism. Its beliefs are similar to those of the Churches of Christ.

Christian Union stands for the complete independence of the local congregation, the Bible as the sole rule of Faith, good works as the fruits of Christian fellowship, and the two ordinances of Baptism and the Lord's Supper. There are approximately 6000 members in the United States.

Christian Union is also the name of a more recently created evangelical group dedicated to "honoring Jesus Christ in the Ivy League."

Doctrinally it is similar to Campus Crusade for Christ, but Christian Union focuses specifically on the eight Ivy colleges, in which institutional opposition to faith can be particularly intense.

The Christian Union was founded in 2002 by Matt Bennett, a graduate of Cornell University, after working at Campus Crusade for Christ for twelve years at Princeton University.[1]

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