Christians in Syria

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Under Bashar al-Assad Christians were tolerated, but during the Syrian Civil War Christians were persuaded by the jihadist opposition. The "rebells", that are armed by Barack Hussein Obama, are destroying churches and want to introduce the Sharia-law. The Islamists are persuading Christians, Alawites and other non-Muslims. After the fall of Assad, Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood will came to power. This would worsen the situation. In April 2013 the Syriac Orthodox archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim and the Greek Orthodox bishop Boulos Yazigi have been kidnapped by opposition forces.[1] In June 2013 parts of the Free Syrian Army destroyed a Christian village and massacred its population. 350 militants broke into homes and led their residents together on a place, where they were executed.[2] Since the rise of the Islamic State the persecution has increased.

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