Christine Gregoire

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Chris Gregoire
Party Democrat
Spouse(s) Mike Gregoire
Religion Catholic

Christine Gregoire (b. 1947) is the current governor of the state of Washington. She is a Democrat. Gregoire was elected governor in 2004, and re-elected in 2008. She has also served as Washington's Attorney General (1996-2004). She is a graduate of the University of Washington and Gonzaga University law school. Gregoire is a breast cancer survivor.


During her 2008 re-election campaign the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that Gov. Gregoire was benefiting from more than $650,000 in political contributions from Washington tribes after she killed a gambling contract potentially worth $140 million.[1] One expert cited in the Times report called the money a "payoff."

On July 6, 2000 Mother Jones reported that then Attorney General Gregoire received major contributions from trial lawyers who benefited from her involvement in the landmark tobacco settlements.[2]


On August 23, 2004 the Seattle Times reported that Gregoire had been a member of an all-white sorority at the University of Washington.[3]