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Yellowbill stork2.jpg
Yellow-billed stork
Mycteria ibis
Scientific classification
Kingdom Information
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Information
Phylum Chordata
Class Information
Class Aves
Order Information
Order Ciconiiformes
Sub-order Ciconii
Population statistics

Within evolutionary taxonomy, the Ciconii is a sub-order classification for some types of wading birds under the Ciconiiformes. This group includes the ibis, spoonbill, flamingo, pelican, stork, and heron.

Creation Taxonomy

Within Baraminology (the study of Created Kinds), there are approximately 196 bird kinds.[1] These kinds are generally equivalent to the Family level found in Linnaean taxonomy. Therefore, such a large diversity of animals as found in the Ciconii would have to be considered some type of Wading Bird Cognitum. The Katagenos Classification System[2] would label the individual types of birds as separate and distinct kinds including:

  • Ciconiidibar - Stork Kind
  • Threskiornithidibar - Ibis Kind (includes spoonbills)
  • Ardeidibar - Heron Kind
  • Scopidibar - Hamerkop Kind
  • Balaenicipitidibar - Shoebill Kind
  • Pelecanidibar - Pelican Kind
  • Phoenicopteridibar - Flamingo Kind