Committee for Public Education and Religious Liberty v. Nyquist

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In Committee for Public Education & Religious Liberty v. Nyquist, 413 U.S. 756 (1973), the U.S. Supreme Court (6-3) invalidated a New York law that provided financial assistance and tax relief to nonpublic elementary and secondary schools in that State, including parochial schools having a religious affiliation. The Court held that the Establishment Clause banned this type of state aid, and particularly prohibited aid for something (schools) that had a religious mission.

Justice William Rehnquist dissented, as did Justice Byron White and Chief Justice Warren Burger.

The anti-religious sentiment on the Court was at its zenith from about 1962, when Engel v. Vitale banned prayer in public school, to 1986, when Justice Antonin Scalia was appointed.

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