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The Complete Jewish Bible (CJB), first published in 1998, consists of both the Old Testament Tanakh and Dr. David H. Stern's translation of the New Testament (which had been previously published as a single volume in 1989). The Old Testament section is a complete paraphrase of the 1917 Jewish Publication Society version of the Tanakh, while the New Testament is a modern translation from the ancient Greek. Stern began his translation from the standpoint that the New Testament is a Jewish book, written by Jews initially for Jews with a Jew as its central figure. His followers were all Jews, yet no translation prior to this had attempted to communicate its essential Jewishness. The translation uses neutral terms and Hebrew names throughout, and corrects what Stern believed were mistranslations previously introduced from an anti-Jewish theological basis. Stern's translation is intended to deliver passages and expressions in their original cultural context, in the manner he believed the 1st century Jewish writers meant for them to be understood. Unlike a Christian Bible translation of its equivalent Old Testament, the books of the Tanakh are placed in the same order as a Jewish Bible, using their Jewish titles. This translation is commonly used in Messianic synagogues.