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Geo.'s Contest

The US Government category is now online!

This will be a contest with the purpose of exponentially increasing the number of well written articles. There will be several categories. Each category will have a judge who will review nominations and grant prizes. A mailing list for judges is being set up. If you are interested in judging, contact Geo., the Contest Coordinator.


Business and PyschologyTK
ComputingEd Poor
Economics and LawAschlafly
United States GovernmentGeo
WWII European Theater/Nazi HistoryUser:Hojimachong



To nominate yourself go to the discussion page and add a brief summary of what you have done since June 17, 2007.


Articles should meet the following criteria.

  • Concise
  • Organized- Information should be logically organized
  • Professional- Writing should maintain a professional tone and have no grammar errors.



Bdytey.jpg The Moses Award
For significant contribution to articles on the Holy Bible
Highest possible

US Government

Aaag.jpg The Gipper Award
For significant contribution to U.S Government articles
Highest possible

Calmedal.jpg Coolidge Medal
For noteworthy contribution to U.S Government articles
Middle award

Henryclay.jpg The Clay Pin
For contribution to U.S Government articles
Lowest Award

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