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The definition of falsifiability has been discussed extensively elsewhere, in particular by Karl Popper. The issue is quite important, as it is generally considered central to the definition of science. Both mainstream scientists and AiG consider this a critical issue. This page is reserved for examples of falsification statements for each theory. I strongly encourage good scenarios that could potentially render a theory false, even if the scenario is not ultimately proved to be true.

A falsification statement should be in the form of "The theory is potentially true unless x is found to be true." It is not valid to say "The theory is false unless x is found to be true."


  • The discovery of an artifact which after carbon dating is older than the age of the earth according to Creationists.
Note, this has already happened, but most YECs do not accept this statement as a valid criticism, therefore I'll only leave it here provisionally.


  • An archaeological dig finds a dinosaur bone in the same strata with Homo sapiens bones, remnants of fire, and human tooth marks on the bones.
  • On a similar note, the finding of a pre-Cambrian rabbit.
  • Two species, one said to have evolved from the other, appear in the same strata.
  • Complex structures found at in an abnormally early organism.
  • Discovery of a chimera (not to be confused with the genetic concept of "chimerism")

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