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Every aspect of homosexuality is consciously chosen. People actually choose to have homosexual desires, just as they choose whether to engage in homosexual behavior or not. Therefore, they can choose not to have homosexual urges, just as easily as they can choose not to indulge those urges.


Nothing about homosexuality is a choice. Homosexual desires are inborn (inherited from one's parents) - or become fixed (immutable) at an early age. It is impossible to bottle up these inherent, immutable desires - and cruel to ask anyone to do so. Homosexuals cannot live a celibate life, and they cannot become heterosexual with prayer or therapy or drugs.


Homosexual behavior is under conscious control. A man or woman can always choose to refrain from engaging in sex, no matter how strong their urges are. "The woman (or man) tempted me" is not an acceptable excuse. (See laws about pedophilia, incest, and rape.)

Homosexual desire may be formed by unconscious or unknown factors such as genetic predisposition (unconfirmed) or early childhood experiences. Psychologists generally believe that, "No one choose to have homosexual desires." Whether homosexual desires can be replaced by heterosexual desires is controversial.