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The most morally and ethically significant point of contention in the abortion debate is the status of the fetus as human or not. Indeed, the determining factor for most if not all individuals' opinions on abortion lie in this discussion; the Pro-Life support the position that these are simply little people, and the Pro-Choice use standards to establish what makes someone a person, to which they say the fetus does not qualify. If the fetus is a person, then it's murder, and thus abortion is wrong. If the fetus is just a parasite, then it can be dispatched without hesitation.

When these points are explored, however, it will be decisively revealed that abortion is in fact murder, that the fetus is indeed a small, undeveloped person, and that those that advocate that it is merely a parasite are engaging in a dangerous mindset. With the basis set-it is murder-then the position must be elaborated upon: What makes the fetus a person? but moreover, why is setting standards for humanity a dangerous mindset?

What makes the fetus a person? Is it arbitrary standards assigned which attempt to quantify or qualify human life? An emphatic No! Rather, we approach humanity from a different angle, not one which examines and scrutinizes what is knowable at the present, but instead, one which looks at the natural ability of a fetus to develop into a living, breathing, human being. It is a focus which looks at peoples of all ages and walks of life-people that the fetus could be in the years to come. Natural human capacity is what you and I are the realization of; when in the womb, I had the natural capacity to eventually be at this point, writing in exploration of the morality of abortion, and you, when you were in the womb, had the natural capacity to be at a point to read this essay. Each fetus has the natural capacity to do everything we do and more-to love their parents, to walk in the park, to go to school and make friends. These are the futures they are being denied, no different than so many children lost to senseless violence. So much wasted potential! Ask yourself: For what?

With the humanity of the fetus established, the idea of setting standards for humanity must be looked upon.

Those that seek to justify abortion use deceptive means, they create arbitrary walls of "recognizable humanity", so as to eliminate a fetus from personhood merely by narrowing the definition. They argue that an individual must exhibit reasoning, self-motivation, the ability to communicate, and self-awareness. Would this not then deny the right to life to those who have significant mental disabilities? What of those in a comatose state, or even month-old children? What of the mentally insane, of which none of those characteristics may be ascertained? Or individuals subject to such torture that they are barely aware of their own existence? This is the precariousness of so willingly defining and terminating human life. The Nazis practiced significant dehumanization with regards to the Jewish and other non-Aryans. If the Jews weren't human, then there was nothing wrong with killing them. If a fetus isn't a human, then there isn't anything wrong with killing it. Such a morally bleak and historically disastrous mindset quite simply can not be allowed to proliferate, for it has well-proven itself to lead to rampant atrocities.

Is abortion murder? By all means, yes. Children's lives are just thrown away-sometimes, in a horrifying and quite literal manner- by a mindset which has done nothing but harmed the world time and time again. These are little people, with very bright futures, and it is nothing short of criminal when it is taken away.

-Jacob (Covane)