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Hillary Clinton wasn't lying! Bosnia gunfire footage was recently discovered. VIDEO

Below are some conservative humor and satire resources:

General conservative humor and satire

Liberals obsessed with Conservapedia are like a dog with a bone. Their dogged persistence in thinking about Conservapedia, discussing Conservapedia and making forecasts about Conservapedia is quite prodigious and intense. See: Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorder

Humor about atheism and evolution

Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorder

Conservative humorous videos

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Below are some conservative humor video resources:

YouTube conservative humor videos:

  • Samuel Hawley conservative-message satiric animated films...with ants!
President Barack Obama humbly bowed to Pam Iorio, the mayor of Tampa, Florida. VIDEO

Classic conservative humorous videos and pictures

Barack Obama's bowing:

Hillary Clinton:

You can't fake conservative greatness

Video Satires and parodies of liberals - various sources


Humorous pictures relating to liberals

Humorous Cartoons

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