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Curtis Hutson (July 10, 1934 – March 5, 1995) was an Independent Baptist pastor, dynamic evangelist, editor of The Sword of the Lord (1980-1995) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. In 1980, he succeeded the founder of the publication, John R. Rice.


"God give us in government some born-again, blood-washed believers who have a backbone made of iron and a will of steel, who will govern by Bible principles and who will stand up for the right things in this country."

"A lot of people teach that Jesus' death on the cross was necessary but that it was not enough. But Jesus didn't come to help you save yourself; He came to save sinners. He didn't make the down payment and say, 'All right, here is the installment book. Make sure you keep up the payments.' No, He paid it. In spinning a robe of your own righteousness, before the sun goes down you will find it all unraveled. He didn't come to show me how to save myself; He came to save me. He didn't come to help me save myself; He came to save me. Take your hands off it. Don't touch it. Accept it like it is. Receive it as a free gift from God Almighty and be saved!"


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