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David Aaronovitch (July 8, 1954 London) is a British writer, broadcaster and commentator on international politics and the media. He currently writes for The Times newspaper, the Jewish Chronicle, and also presents and writes for radio and television programmes. He has won numerous awards for his work, including Columnist of the Year 2003 and the 1998 and 2001 Orwell prizes for political journalism.

No Excuses For Terror

No Excuses For Terror is the title of a 40-minute documentary by Aaronovitch, first broadcast on September 26, 2006 on the British Channel 5 network. The broadcast press summary reads:

Who is really responsible for the suicide bombers that target us? Is it the fault of George Bush or Tony Blair? Are we all somehow to blame? David Aaronovitch, journalist and commentator, has had enough of this argument. He asks how we've got to the point where British Socialists support Islamofascist Terrorism. Aaronovitch explains where the left have gone wrong on Israel, Palestine, the War in Iraq and the War on Terror.

Aaronovitch, himself a left-winger, also criticises how the anti-Israel views of the far-left have permeated the mainstream media and political discourse in the UK.[1]

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