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David Cassidy (born 1950) was a teenage heartthrob made famous by his role as Keither Partridge on The Partridge Family from 1970 to 1974 and his subsequent singing career including such #1 hits as "I think I love you". Living the wild life of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll during his touring days, Cassidy bragged of having non-stop women, later blaming that for his inability to form intimate relationships. Estranged from his father, the actor Jack Cassidy, who he said was jealous of him, David Cassidy was still bitter at his father well after the elder Cassidy's tragic death. Feeling that his role on the Partridge family was beneath him, Cassidy was pleased the series ended. As with many teen idols, the shooting star of his over the top fame came to an end. Although Cassidy continued to write music, he could never recapture the fame that he once had, a source of ongoing bitterness, and took to acting in Broadway plays.

Cassidy eventually found a new form of success behind the scenes in Las Vegas shows. EFX was a success and a show on the Rat Pack without the permission of the family estates received notoriety through lawsuits. Well into middle age today, Cassidy is married and has a son of his own and finally found a part of the stability that he wished he had earlier in life. Although it took decades to come to pass, Cassidy says he is finally at peace with his Partridge family past.