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David Silverman, nicknamed Sinful Silverman,[1] serves as the President of the American Atheists organization.[2] Silverman served as the New Jersey State Director of American Atheists and after four years of service he become National Spokesperson for the American Atheists Organization. [3] David Silverman holds degrees in Marketing and Computer Science.[4]


Personal life

According to Silverman, he became an atheist at the age of six.[5] According to the MasterMedia Speakers Bureau website, Silverman is married to a religious Jewish woman and he has "an eight-year old daughter who has already beaten him in a fair-and-square debate!".[6]

Controversial Billboard

The American Atheists organization sponsored an aggressive and controversial billboard and an interview with Fox News occurred as a result of the billboard VIDEO. As noted above, Silverman has a degree in marketing, but despite his degree in marketing, according to fellow atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers, Silverman was stuck defending a "badly designed, ugly" sign.[7]

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