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Death Valley is the lowest, driest and hottest part of the United States. It lies on the border of California and Nevada and was designated as a National Park on February 11, 1933. Death Valley is about 145 miles long and 16 miles wide and covers an area of about 3,000 square miles (7,800 km²). The valley runs north-south between the Amargosa Range to the east and the Panamint Range to the west; with the Sylvania Mountains and the Owlshead Mountains forming its northern and southern boundaries.

Sand dunes in Death Valley

The lowest point of Death Valley - Badwater Basin - is the lowest point in the United States (and all of the Americas) at -282 ft (85.5 m) below sea level, it is overlooked by the 11,049 feet high Telescope Peak. On July 10, 1913 a temperature of 134° F (57° C) was recorded, this is the hottest ever recorded in the western hemisphere and globally is second only to Azizia, Libya which recorded 136° F (58° C) in 1922.

Badwater Basin - Lowest point in United States
Death Valley as seen from the Space Shuttle

Temperatures and Precipitation[1]

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
daily high
65° F72° F80° F90° F99° F109° F115° F113° F106° F92° F76° F65° F90° F
18° C22° C27° C32° C37° C 43° C 46° C 45° C 41° C33° C24° C18° C32° C
daily low
39° F46° F53° F62° F71° F80° F88° F85° F75° F62° F48° F39° F62° F
4° C 8° C12° C17° C22° C27° C31° C29° C24° C17° C 9° C 4° C17° C
record high89° F97° F102° F112° F122° F128° F134° F127° F123° F113° F97° F88° F134° F
32° C36° C 39° C 45° C 50° C 53° C 57° C 53° C 50° C 45° C36° C31° C 57° C
record low15° F25° F30° F35° F42° F49° F62° F64° F41° F32° F24° F19° F15° F
-9° C-4° C-1° C 2° C 6° C10° C17° C18° C 5° C 0° C -4°C-7° C-9° C
precipitation0.27" 0.35" 0.25" 0.12" 0.08" 0.04" 0.11" 0.10" 0.14" 0.11" 0.18" 0.19" 1.94"
0.7 cm0.9 cm0.6 cm0.3 cm0.2 cm0.1 cm0.3 cm0.3 cm0.4 cm0.3 cm0.5 cm0.5 cm4.9 cm


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