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I'm just curious what people on this site think about the foodie movement. For those of you who don't know, it generally refers to an attention to and appreciation of food, and support of sustainably grown organic food, usually from relatively local sources. For example, someone in the foodie movement might look at a vegetable, see that it's out of season and therefore imported from Australia, and so buy something else. Foodies will often also try to grow at least some of what they consume, whether that's a backyard garden, a window box in a kitchen, or even a full-fledged farm. I'm curious because, while these people are generally liberal and associated with modern hippies, and can be quite pretentious and rude about their particular tastes and habits, I believe that conservative individuals should be able to get behind at least the supporting of self-sufficiency and buying from local small businesses.

I had never heard of the word "foodie" before. In general, conservative believe in free markets and individual informed choice. So, if it is more efficient to grow a food in Argentina, then market forces will favor that product. However, if the locally-grown food can match the price or is of better quality, people should have the option to purchase that instead, if they wish. Rather than focusing on local produce as a question of efficiency, a public health expert will focus on the ability to prevent food-borne illnesses. For example, a few years ago there was a case where chili peppers were making a lot of people sick, but lettuce had been blamed at the start. When foods are shipped all over the world, it is hard to track them back to their source to halt the spread of disease. How do the "foodies" address that health and safety concern? Wschact 00:07, 26 July 2012 (EDT)