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The British Empire and it's political influence have declined since the beginning of the 20th century, this is true, and is not a bad thing for the British people or the rest of the world. Since the largely peaceful dissolution of the empire, after the end of WWII the lives of ordinary working class British people have improved greatly. My grandmother was born in to abject poverty in the Nottingham inner city in the 1920's, they had little food and no furniture. This is what imperialism and a rigid class system without social benefits did for the British. Thanks to Clement Atlee's welfare state however, no-one lives like this in Britain any more. We have one of the best standards of living in the world, and Britain, along with the rest of western europe, is without doubt one of the best places to live. Sorry, but I fail to see where the 'decline' is. --Eyupdutch 10:37, 26 June 2007 (EDT)

That is all entirely true. Britain has not declined in any political or social aspect. I suspect what the person who wrote that news piece means is that Britain has declined morally, with their acceptance of evolution and all. That is opinion, and somehow not very befitting an website which fancies itself as an encyclopedia. Argonaut 18:35, 30 June 2007 (EDT)

With the exception of the idiotic observation about the 'acceptance of evolution' above, I agree. The acceptance of evolution is a sign of intelligence, not of moral anything. The notion that Britain has 'declined' suggests a monstrous presupposition, that Britain was once great. Britain became great in 1948 with the introduction of the National Health Service, the Nationalisation of the Railways the Coal Mines and the major industries all of which took the working people of Great Britain forward into a world immensely richer and freer than that of their forefathers. This work by the Attlee govn was a major, practical step towards socialism, and should be being celebrated and analysed in a positive way, not knocked in sly, leading questions by stupid, right-wing pretend-encyclopedias such as this.

chris larner

Britain hasn't declined. It has simply been overshadowed by the United States, currently the world's most powerful state. And I'm sure, in time, the USA will in turn be overshadowed by another upstart superpower. The good ol' People's Republic, for instance. All hail Chairman Mao!

Britain has its problems (Yob culture, binge drinking, lack of respect, obesity, teenage pregnancy, overcrowding, etc. ) but what country doesn't? I think that Britain's problems are exaggerated in the press and that also a lot of things have improved greatly in the last 50 years. Britain has managed to become one of the wealthiest (per capita) nations in the world, with a high standard of living and education, with low levels of corruption (when compared to the rest of the world), a strong economy, and personal freedoms not enjoyed by 95% of the world's population.

May I just say, the British are awesome (ok, maybe their teeth and food are a bit dodgy...)! They have been overshadowed by American but still...they're British. And who can resist the accent?? They have James Bond, Robin Hood, the Beatles... the list is endless! AShep 21:22, 22 June 2011 (EDT)


In terms of being a world power-broker yes, Britain has declined. Entering the 20th century the British Empire was the largest power in the world with an empire reaching across the globe. The first half of the century saw Britain's lack of real miltary strength exposed, being unable to overcome Germany and the Ottoman Empire in WWI, the Irish War of Independance in the early 20's and the Second World War which was won through the endevours of the US and the USSR. The Statute of Westminster of 1931 saw Britain effectively give up its place at the head of the Empire, becoming equal with other members of the Commonwealth.

Economicaly speaking, Britain has been in decline ,in my opinion, since 1973. Obviously the 70's saw the end of a "Golden Age" of Western Europe (which had been kickstarted by Marshall Aid and cheap energy from Arabian Oil) and Britain was not immune. While the 1980's and 90's saw recovery, this recovery was built on debt, both public and private. While Thatcher did bring about much needed economic reform, she also went a long way toward creating the "credit culture" we see in the UK today. All of a sudden debt was o.k. and now we are reeping the consequences.

Britain is also far more susceptible to the global market than it was up until the 1980's. Most good sold in Britain are produced abroad and there is very little primary production compared to rates around the middle part of the last century.

Britain is probably the third most important nation in Europe, but it now lags a long way behing France and Germany in my estimation. Pukeynut


The funny truth about the piltdown man was it was the result of nationalism. It was fabricated as a response to a REAL discovery in Germany of the skeletons of the Neanderthal man. It's funny I don't see those IDERs/creationists mentioning that part of history. Intranetusa 14:27, 16 March 2008 (EDT)

Britain has declined because of these reasons

1 - Lack of willpower and confidence

2 - Not knowing right from wrong

3 - Endorsing Liberalism and Socialism

4 - Persecuting Christians and Christianity even though our Magna Carta and principles used Christianity to define our once great country

5 - Letting the EU overrule us

6 - Weak government

7 - Soft justices for unspeakable crimes

8 - Evolutionary thinking and teaching

9 - Seeking false gods to justify their behaviour including evolution

10 - The mainstream (or lamestream media) influencing our political system

11 - Lack of integrity or direction

12 - No creativity in the jobs market

As for intranetusa, I don't know where you got your so called fact from, but I can assure you that there are plenty of us who don't believe a word in any of your statement.