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What's better?

Public Schools

Christian/Catholic schools

Private Schools

Home Schooling

Parents teaching there own kids at home in a private enviroment is not neccesarily always the best form of education. But anyone who feels very strongly about their beliefs, an ardent conservative for example, and wants their childern to carry on the same beliefs, may decide to homeschool. Especially if the public schools teach something contrary to what you want your children think. As in the United States for example, where they continually fill, subtly and blatantly, the students minds with Evolution and Gay Education. If you want complete control about how your kids grow up you will homeschool.

In a perfect society, everyone homeschools, but in life, not everyone is responsible enough for the education of there own children. Realistic solution: abolish public education, reduce taxes, everyone who is able to homeschool can, and if you find you can't pay for private or christian school.

Then you get into who is qualified to homeschool. Plenty of people love their kids enough to spend a ton of time on them, but the parents themselves aren't educated enough to be of any help. Much more common, are the people who are fully educated, but don't have the patience or the time or energy to teach. The responsible people would decide which of the two types they are and homeschool or send to school accordingly. Many however would not make good judgments and try to homeschool with a lack of time or energy or patience. DYFAS becomes much bigger and higher officers to search peoples houses to make sure there educating their childern right (in some states this already happens). User:StevenM Oct 19 7:30