Debate: Vomiting: Design feature or adaptation?

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Per my promise to Ed Poor, this is a debate about whether vomiting is a created design feature or an evolutionary adaptation. Barikada 23:59, 11 March 2008 (EDT)

Also, if this should be under a different namespace, could somebody please move it? Barikada 00:03, 12 March 2008 (EDT)



The inefficiency of the method of poison removal and the fact that it can, in some cases, harm the user and even kill them (Asphyxiation on one's own vomit isn't unheard of-- It's how Jimi Hendrix died.) seems to point towards a bare-bones adaptation, rather than an intelligently designed feature. Barikada 23:59, 11 March 2008 (EDT)

The vomiting reaction to anesthesia can also be seen as support for an evolutionary explanation. Vomiting is an adaptation that has evolved to expel toxins that are encountered in the gastroinestinal tract, and which over the course of evolution (until the last couple of human generations) have only ever been faced via that route. When the same toxins (or similar ones) are introduced to the body by a different route (e.g. intravenous injection) they trigger the same chemoreceptors and elicit the same response, even though it is inappropriate in this instance. A well-designed feature would not have this "error". Humblpi 12:11, 12 March 2008 (EDT)