Debate: Was McCain the right candidate?

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Now that the elections are near and the candidates have fought for weeks, what can we say of the nomination of McCain instead of, for example, Romney. (Almost!) in hindsight, was McCain the right choice as our candidate for US President? --VitoT 07:15, 24 October 2008 (EDT)


Yes, with his Liberal and Neoconservative values he gathers to those Liberals who are afraid of Obama's extremism, and who will turn in masse to vote against the Muslim.


No, with his Liberal and Neoconservative values he alienated the real Conservatives, who see no point in going to vote and choose between two Leftist candidates.

Yes - he WAS

Yes, he WAS the right candidate. Unfortunately, he's not the same person that he was. As a liberal, I might have voted for McCain if it was 10 years ago. However, between his age, the person behind him if something should happen to him, and the amount of change his politics have undergone in the past decade, I'll be voting Obama. Mikek 08:37, 24 October 2008 (EDT)