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01 deinotherium 0.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom Information
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Information
Phylum Chordata
Class Information
Class Mammalia
Order Information
Order Proboscidea
Sub-order Deinotheroidea
Family Information
Family Deinotheriidae
Sub-family Deinotheriinae
Genus Information
Genus Deinotherium
Species Information
Species D. bozasi
D. giganteum
D. indicum
Population statistics
Conservation status Extinct

Deinotherium (Greek: δεινός dɛinos and θηρίο thirio; "terrible beast") is the name given to three species of extinct elephant-like mammal whose chief characteristic is a pair of downward-curving tusks jutting from the lower jaw. One of the largest mammals to have walked the earth, deinothere remains have been found in Europe, Africa, and southern Asia.