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Dmann4Christ (pronounced /Dee-man/; born Feb. 12,1977) also known by his actual first-name Derek is a Christian YouTuber, who has done videos about Harold Camping's false predictions, abortion, and a series of joint videos featuring popular Christian YouTuber ShockofGod.

Dmann is the main co-host on ShockofGod's popular Blogtalk Podcasts. He has given his personal story on Youtube, and a very in-depth version as a special guest on ShockofGod's radio show.

Dmann4Christ also has a video where he announced a nickname in which he got from a Pagan as an insult, but Dmann turned it into a positive, and became The Cracker Jack Preacher. The nickname was a reference to Dmann being an ordained minister online which he goes in detail that he did that to appeal to the laws of the land, but fulfilled a calling from God. He explained that the paper license means nothing, and he doesn't adhere to man made institutions.

In his story, he explains his hardships growing up including being a witness to very serious domestic abuse, attempted sexual abuse of a relative, physical handicaps that he has stemming from what he believes to be EDS (Elher Danlos Syndrome a connective tissue disorder) and was born severely club footed. He went into detail also about how he couldn't talk until age 7 due to EDS.

He explained his physical problems resulting in surgery on both legs lengthening both achilles tendons at six months old, and as a young teen he had a steel plate put in the side of the right foot due to a Jones fracture (also known as a dancers fracture).

He had complete reconstructive surgery on his right foot a year after the Jones fracture plate surgery where his plate was removed, and the right achilles tendon lengthened again.

Dmann4Christ is a former employee of a local Des Moines porn shop at the time known as The Adult Emporium in which he worked along side Slipknot, and Stone Sour front man Corey Taylor(96-99). Dmann worked there from 1995-2006. He touched on what happens in that type of establishment alot on Shockradio, and even drove through the parking lot in a video where he talks about what goes on in the back rooms.

Dmann is married with two sons in which his oldest appeared on a pro-life pod cast while co-hosting Shock Radio. Dmann says the conception of his son is what made him pro-life

Dmann also features an original theme which was composed for him by a fellow Youtuber, where he was using alot of Carman music for his intros. Dmann's background, and Icon/Avatar are a unique original created by Dmann.

Dmann's beliefs are but not limited to:

  1. The Bible is the inspired word of God.
  2. Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.
  3. A premillennialist and a pre to mid-trib rapture of the Church.
  4. That Predestination and Free Will are both present in scripture showing a balance of both.
  5. The Trinity.
  6. The reality of hell as a place of punishment for the unsaved.

Dmann opens all his recent videos with this statement: "We repent to know him, we read the Bible to understand him, we witness to tell others about him, but through faith, we feel him."

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