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The E-2 Hawkeye is a carrier-based airborne Early Warning and battlespace control aircraft. It first came into service in Vietnam so that Navy carrier planes would not have to rely on Air Force aircraft like the Boeing E-3 Sentry.

E-2 level flight.jpg


Grumman won the contest in 1957 for an AEW aircraft with the prototype Hawkeye. The aircraft was designed with a 24-foot radar dome on the top, and an extra large tail with four rudders had to be fitted on because of the air disturbance.

The first aircraft were delivered to the Atlantic Fleet in 1964.



The E-2B was the second version on the plane. It had a much improved computer system and equipment for in-flight refueling. The first ones were delivered in 1969, and all operational Hawkeyes were upgraded to E-2B.


The E-2C had a much better radar, computer system, and electronics configuration than its two predecessors. It was delivered in 1971.

Type Airborne early warning and control aircraft
Contractor Grumman Corporation
Power plant Two Allison 4,190 hp T56-A-425
Length 57 feet
Height 18 feet
Speed 374 miles per hour
Wingspan 80 feet
Weight 37,678 pounds empty
Crew Five
Range 1,605 miles unrefueled
Maximum Weight 51,569 pounds
Armament None
E-2 design 1.jpg