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ESPN, which stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is a sports network owned by Disney since the latter purchased it in 1996. The network began in 1979 and covers sports news and programming 24 hours a day, although sometimes the network covers other events such as spelling bees and chess.

ESPN has spent many billions of dollars in exclusive sports broadcasting rights, such as spending $1.9 billion a year to broadcast NFL Monday Night Football. ESPN's revenue is based on subscriber fees (about $6.61 per month) plus advertising. But in the past two years, 7 million subscribers (nearly 10% of its overall subscription level, which as of 2015 is about 92 million homes) have cancelled their subscriptions.[1] The reason was suspected to be because ESPN was gradually pushing a more hard-left political agenda by its commentators (to such an extent that it earned the nickname of "the MSNBC of sports"[2]), with it later being confirmed to be the case by SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn.[3] As a result of this, in April 2017, Jim Miller estimated that at least 40-50 layoffs were going to occur in the future,[4] with it being revealed later that it was actually going to be more than twice that estimate.[2]


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