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Edward D. White
Former Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
From: December 12, 1910 – May 19, 1921
NominatorWilliam Howard Taft
PredecessorMelville Fuller
SuccessorWilliam Howard Taft
Former Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
From: February 19, 1894 – December 12, 1910
NominatorGrover Cleveland
PredecessorSamuel Blatchford
SuccessorWillis Van Devanter
Former U.S. Senator from Louisiana
From: 1891-1894
PredecessorJames B. Eustis
SuccessorNewton C. Blanchard
Spouse(s) Virginia Montgomery Kent
Religion Roman Catholic

Edward D. White was a politician and jurist. He served as the 9th Chief Justice of the United States and is known for developing the "Rule of Reason" standard of antitrust law.

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