Elvis is Alive conspiracies

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Although Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977 in his home Graceland, some people believe he is still alive. Headlines often appear in supermarket tabloids saying "Elvis is Alive", with no reasonable evidence to support their claims.

Immediately after his death, people have speculated that Presley faked his death. National Enquirer published an article claiming the photo of Presley in his casket was actually taken of a double of his body. A claim to justify this belief is that Presley faked his death being tired of fame. There have also been claims of people seeing Presley, but these were most likely Elvis impersonators. While these claims are pure speculation and do not have validity, they are prominent in American popular culture.

However, a considerable amount of people believe that Presley did not die in 1977. They believe that he went into hiding and is still alive today. People have even made claims that they have seen Presley after his death.

Even though there is almost no probability of Presley being alive, it would not be an impossibility; Presley would be 77 years old as of January, 2012.