Essay:Does Conservapedia Simulate a Principled Open Mind?

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Daily activity on Conservapedia as it acquires and disseminates information can be compared to an open mind as it acquires and disseminates information. A principled open mind is one that establishes a few helpful rules to aid it in the furtherance of this process and to prevent unnecessary hindrance, just as Conservapedia has.

Vandalism to an open site such as Conservapedia can be compared to, and may even simulate or model, distractions to the open mind or temptation towards ignorance, which can seem comforting at times. The corruption may hinder the encyclopedia, but much as the principled open mind uses faith and morals to overcome these distractions, Conservapedians, who have adopted a unifying goal (that of expanding the encyclopedia and providing truth to the public), possess the collective determination to accomplish that goal which allows the site to, likewise, overcome this problem.

Refinements and improvements to an open site can be compared to helpful insights provided by others to an open mind or to thoughts and insights by the mind itself as a furtherance of other, more basic thoughts. Discussion and debate on talk pages help illustrate the logic behind the material in articles and thus assist an open-minded individual in understanding complex issues and topics. This material also encourages and open-minded individual to debate with himself about certain issues, an important trait of one wants to rise high in the world and has to make important decisions by himself. Also, in a classic case of positive feedback, any new insights made by an individual as a result of thoughts on Conservapedia can then be posted on Conservapedia with the result that any readers may become more open-minded or may be led to develop further insights, which may then be posted on Conservapedia, continuing the cycle.

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