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This essay is an original work by JY23. Please comment only on the talk page.

Well, I have twenty-two userboxes, and I've been tossing this around in my head for a while, so let us get started. Some, but not a whole lot, are self-explanatory (I'll point those out as I go along). To aid in explanation, I've shortened the text to make it more streamlined.

  • 1. Accepted Jesus Christ Farily self-explanatory, but that is my greatest joy in the world, to know that I finally did something right!
  • 2. UFC My dad introduced me to the UFC in November, and I got hooked. It's my second favorite sport besides football.
  • 3. Geek Frankly, I prefer the word nerd, but this was the best CP had. It's probably the best userbox to describe what aspies are, e.g. not socially adept and as my history teacher put it, "cesspools of useless knowledge".
  • 4. American Citizen God bless America, better yet, America bless God!
  • 5. Supports Our Troops Farily self-explanatory. I really hate what terrorists do to the innocent populace, and therefore I support the War on Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • 6. Freedom of Speech Very self-explanatory.
  • 7. Supports Obama because he's president Like Rush Limbaugh, I hope his socialistic POLICIES fail (emphasis added), but I support him because God put him there to accomplish His will.
  • 8. Favorite band is TFK The Flame in All of Us is not that bad an album, but it's still their worst yet. Overall, their catalog is the best.
  • 9. Tolerance can't compromise truth One of my favorite userboxes, it's also pretty self-explanatory.
  • 10. Greatly enjoys computers I love computers, but I'm not quite to the "hug one and feel loved" stage (hey, I'm working on it!)
  • 11. Keep and bear arms I love guns, and when the Constitution says it's legal, it's legal, no questions asked.
  • 12. Soccer Also one of my favorite sports. My favorite video game of all time is FIFA 06, by the way.
  • 13. Liable to Explode Yet another byproduct of the Aspergers.
  • 14. Loves to Ride Horses, who can hate them?
  • 15. Life begins at conception The evidence is there, heartbeat, brain waves, etc.
  • 16. Bible Literally I am what the liberals would call fundamentalist, Pentecostal to be exact.
  • 17. Anderson Silva Rightful Leader I had this one partially to be funny, partially because he would know how to rule with an iron fist (or would that be an iron spinning backhand? lol)
  • 18. Gamer I love video games, they're my number two interest (besides God, of course)
  • 19. New Republic I always support the good guys, fictional or not.
  • 20. Aspie Once again, pretty self-explanatory.
  • 21. Vote for Palin She's our best hope.
  • 22. Admires Diego Sanchez One of the best Mixed Martial Artists there is, a strong Christian. He may be one of the only witnesses to Jesus that most fans of the sport ever hear. Not to mention he is the only possible man who could beat The Spider without getting lucky. LOL!

Well, there you have it, my entire list of userboxes, explained for your pleasure. Comment on the talk page, if you like. Sincerely, JY23 13:28, 23 February 2009 (EST)